Kye Sheehan Bankrupt Bodybuilder: Age, LOAFI Scam, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Girlfriend

Kye Sheehan is an Australian Instagram personality and body builder. He promotes his life as a high-rolling Instagram influencer. He often flaunts his flash cars, fancy clothes and boasts a 40 kilogram weight loss transformation on his Instagram account. He has now convinced Australians to invest money into his businesses.

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Kye Sheehan Net Worth

Kye Sheehan has an estimated net worth is to be $100,000 but this also not confirmed by him. He launched an app LOAFI. It was designed to help students find employment. He was bankrupt at the time but he could still sign off as the CEO.

He calls himself a self-made rags to riches success story. In the app many investors invested their money and now LOAFI app been de-registered and everyone’s money is gone. He says he has tried to make repayments but he doesn’t have the money to pay people back. He said,

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“At 17, I was actually homeless for one month. One whole month I was homeless for,” he says in an Instagram video. I am living proof that anyone can come from nothing.”

He vlogged on YouTube while crying in the gutter and said,

“I owned a Lamborghini. Now I’m sitting here with my $1000 car getting impounded. I am not a scam, I am not a fraud. It’s going to be the number one listened to podcast in Australia and then from there, I plan on moving to America. Sometimes when I think about it, I feel a little bit sick because I worked so hard for that money and it just vanished”.

Is Kye Sheehan Married?

Kye Sheehan is not married but he is single father and has little girl has autism so his goal is to spend more time with her.

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Kye Sheehan Height

Kye Sheehan has several tattoos on his body parts. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.77 m). He wishes his followers on New Year 2024 and wrote, “New year, same level of consistency 🤓”.

“Seen too many posts about 👇🏼
new year, new habits or new goals 🙃 Odd to me why you’d wait until a random day of the year, to begin your goals, those new habits and or working hard 😴

Me? Starting the year off with the same level of discipline and consistency.. Oh and with a few PB’s, eating more food, throwing around some decent weight now and enjoying the sessions 📈💪🏼”

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