Meet Youtuber KSI Parents: Jide And Yinka

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KSI is a well known youtuber with over 20 million subscribers. He has made a name for himself in the online world and has become a household name. He is also known for his gaming videos and his music career.

KSI’s parents are Jide and Yinka Olatunji. They are from London, England. Jide is a businessman and Yinka is a homemaker. KSI has two siblings, an older brother named Amer and a younger sister named Marzia. Meet KSI Parents: Jide And Yinka.

KSI Father And Mother: Jide And Yinka

KSI‘s parents are supportive of his career and have appeared in some of his videos. They have also been interviewed about their son’s success. KSI’s father has said that he is proud of his son’s achievements and that he is happy to see him doing well. KSI’s mother has said that she is proud of her son and his success.

KSI’s brother, Amer, has also been supportive of his brother’s career. He has appeared in some of KSI’s videos and has even helped with the production of some of them. Amer is also a musician and has released his own music under the name “AO”.

KSI’s sister, Marzia, is also supportive of her brother’s career. She has appeared in some of his videos and has even helped with the production of some of them. Marzia is also a youtuber and has her own channel called “CutiepieMarzia”.

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KSI YouTube Channel

KSI, or Aaron James Olatunji, is a YouTuber and social media phenomenon who has amassed over 23 million YouTube subscribers. He’s known for his FIFA-related videos, as well as music, comedy, and soccer content. He’s also a hip-hop artist and released his debut studio record Dissimulation in May 2020. His second album All Over the Place debuted at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart in 2021. On May 16, 2011, he began uploading Goal of the Week videos to YouTube.

In 2014, he became the face of Sport Relief on the internet and was involved in Save the Children and prostate cancer awareness campaigns. He started driving an orange Lamborghini at the age of 21. A brother named Deji, commonly known as Comedy Shorts Gamer, has also established himself as a YouTube star.

Yinka Atinuke Olatunji, his mother, is a television and film producer. His father is Jide Olatunji. He joined the Sidemen, alongside Wroetoshaw, Ethan Payne, Miniminter, Vikram Barn, and other members. On August 25th of this year, he fought Logan Paul in an amateur boxing exhibition that was declared a draw.

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