What Is The Net Worth Of KreekCraft In 2023?

KreekCraft known for playing the Roblox games Jailbreak, Doors and Piggy who has amassed more than 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is famous for his rivalry with MyUsernamesThis and TanqR. He often live-streams his video gameplay.

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Forrest now works solely on creating content for his main channel, where the Timmeh videos have gained a significant following. The Roblox skits and memes have become a signature of his channel with each video showcasing his talent for storytelling and comedic timing. The channel wherein Fortnite streams and videos were previously hosted. As his popularity continues to grow, Forrest’s efforts to providing entertaining and engaging content.

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KreekCraft Shorts YouTube Channel

On February 1, 2022, KreekCraft announced that he made a third channel named KreekCraft Shorts, where he uploads highlights from his livestreams.

He also uploads shorts. He has a goal to get this channel up to 100K subscribers. On this channel, he hasn’t uploaded in the past five months.

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Make Roblox and Fortnite Videos

Kreek discovered the game “Roblox”, when it was becoming popular at the time, in 2016. He met with COPPA members to discuss YouTube and COPPA’s plans, in 2019. He “quit” Jailbreak and began playing the game Piggy as it rose in popularity, in 2020. He announced he would be making a second channel called “Kreek – Fortnite”, in 2018. He no longer posts Fortnite anymore due to controversy.

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He announced his partnership with Wonder Works Studio, in 2021. KreekCraft was attacked by Dream and MCYT fans, in 2021. He announced that he has officially joined Misfits Gaming and has launched a new development game studio called Pixel Playground along with Karl Jacobs, in 2023.

He earns $88.40 thousand per month, totaling $1.33 million per year, as of now. He won the Best Video Content Creator in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. He plans to keep it on sale for a long time.

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