Is that Kevin Bacon in Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon fan reactions

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Kevin Bacon’s Moon Knight trailer debuted today (January 18, 2022), with fans recognizing him right away. Since the release of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe on Netflix, social media platforms have been dominated by the company.

There are no signs that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will be slowing down as Kevin Bacon’s new season trailer was released today.

Moon Knight, a mercenary and vigilante who works for Moon God Khonshu and is played by actor Oscar Isaac, has dissociative identity disorder (DID), which means he has several other personas including Steven Grant.

Is that Ethan Hawke or Kevin Bacon in Moon Knight?

In the trailer, Ethan Hawke and Isaac star as Arthur Harrow, the presumed bad guy. In the comics, he was a surgeon with a facial disfigurement who kidnapped people to conduct medical research in order to find a cure.

The backstory will be expanded on in the series, and whether it will be used is uncertain, especially since Harrow is revered like a god in the trailer.

Many fans were convinced that it wasn’t Hawke after watching the two-minute clip, but instead Kevin Bacon from Footloose. Before, the pair had been frequently confused for one another, with Harrow’s long hair and Hawke looking exactly like Valentine McKee from Tremors.

It’s really strange. According to Famouskin, the actors are eighth cousins twice removed, but there hasn’t been an official confirmation of this.

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Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon fan reactions

Fans have even linked Jim Carrey, another Kevin Bacon doppelgänger, into the mix.

In Moon Knight, it’s not even Ethan Hawke playing the title role; it’s Carrey acting out Hawke and Bacon.


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