Kendra Middleton’s net worth: Made huge amount of money during COVID

Kendra Middleton co-host of Over/Under 98.5 alongside Dan Lifshatz and made headlines when she candidly shared her admiration for Tom Brady with the New York Post. In the interview with the New York Post, Kendra Middleton expressed her genuine gratitude for Tom Brady highlighting his outstanding talent to the game. As a co-host of Over/Under 98.5, Kendra’s love for Brady’s skills on the field touched with many fans and sports enthusiasts alike. She said,


“Obviously, he’s very physically attractive, but his work ethic is awesome — I love it, Like, he’s so dedicated to his craft that he doesn’t even eat tomatoes, you know what I mean?”

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Though, the love between the Kendra Middleton and Tom confirmed FALSE!!! They just respect each other and supports each other.

Kendra Middleton Net Worth

Kendra Middleton has made a “tremendous” amount of money during COVID. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kendra Middleton, half of the Bankroll Bunch revealed her surprise money-making scheme on the show this morning: she sold photos and videos of her feet. It’s clear that Fred Toucher was fascinated with the way she revealed the strange world of foot fetishists.


She shared the origins of her business. She began to explore the world of foot fetishes, learning about the various desires and preferences of those who were willing to pay top dollar for their specific interests.

With each new request, Kendra saw an opportunity to not only satisfy her customers but also to challenge societal norms and express her own confidence.

As word spread about her business, Kendra’s clientele grew and she soon found herself at the center of a growing community that celebrated and enjoyed in her shared passion. After that, her unorthodox business took off and she was asked to step in and step in peanut butter for a cool $1,000 and sell filthy running shoes for $400, among other crazy requests.

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