Kelsey Anderson From Bachelor Star S28: Wiki, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Parents and Siblings

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Kelsey Anderson is an American reality star and best known for appearing in reality show Bachelor Star S28 who has affections for Joey during season and received a rose ahead of the show’s hometown week, leading her to introduce Joey to her family in Louisiana.

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Their romance ended late in the season despite their initial connection. Kelsey’s down-to-earth manner and infectious grin kept her popular. Kelsey turned to marketing and social media to promote body positivity and self-love when the program ended.

Kelsey Anderson Wiki, Age & Parents

As in 2024, Kelsey Anderson age is 25 years old. She was born in Leesville, Louisiana and worked as a Junior Project Manager. She is of mixed ethnicity. She was born to Denise and Mark Anderson.

Kelsey mentioned that she feels her mom’s presence in butterflies since her passing. She shared a comforting moment of seeing butterflies in the city of New Orleans after work, which reassured her of her mom’s presence.

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Mark and Denise met as military police officers. Kelsey announced that her mother, Denise was a multiple “Soldier of the Year”. Since her mom’s death, Kelsey and her dad have become closer despite his demanding work schedule.

“My dad is really my favorite guy. Whenever anything happens, he’s the person I run to. Whenever I’m happy or I’m sad. And definitely in happy and sad moments I think that I really miss my mom but I know that I have my dad that I can lean on. She continued, “I think that I’m so thankful that he really stepped up.

I think that’s something that I think is so amazing about him is that, like, he lost the love of his life and he’s had five kids. I can’t imagine that scenario, where you’re so devastated but so are these people that are depending on you. And you just kind of have to do your best and be there for them when you need people for you.”

Kelsey Anderson said during a February 2024 episode of The Bachelor
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Her brother name is, Matthew Anderson who played offensive lineman for the University of Nebraska and Campbell University.

She also has an older sister named, Taylor Anderson who attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In 2017, Kelsey posted a throwback photo of her and Taylor on Instagram celebrating her birthday.

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“Happy birthday to my A1 since DAY1 !!! I love you so much and I can’t believe you’re getting so old :,) it seems like yesterday you would bite me when I made you upset.. I’m so glad you don’t do that anymore but anyways turn up with mom and dad for me I wish I was home to see you :,( Xoxo Your fav sibling, Kelsey”

Kelsey Anderson Height & Weight

Kelsey Anderson height is 5 feet 4 inches tall (1.62 m). She weighs around 53 Kg (116 lbs). She has more than 91K followers on her ‘_kelsey_anderson’ Instagram account. Fellow contestant from the show ‘The Bachelor’ S28 are Maria Georgas and Rachel Nance.


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