Who Is Keli Long, Xavien Howard’s Wife And Children

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Keli Long is best known as the wife of Xavien Howard, who is an American football cornerback for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Baylor and was drafted in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Dolphins. Who Is Keli Long, Xavien Howard’s Wife And Children.

Keeli Long And Xavien Howard

After years of being together, Xavien Howard and Keeli Long have yet to settle on tying the knot to be known as husband and wife. Keeli’s presence in Xavien’s life is evident throughout the family issues, as she provides support for him. However, this pair has not progressed any farther than being engaged at present, which implies they are only dating.

The pair went to war with each other for the second time in 2020, as first reported by NY Daily News. According on Keeli’s police report, Xavien was arrested on domestic violence charges following a fight at their home in Davie. According to the cops, Howard grabbed Keeli by both arms and “pushed her back up against the mirrored glass wall” in their hallway after an argument grew physical.


Keeli’s arm and forearm were scathed and red, and she had an abrasion on her right elbow from the fall. At the time of his arrest in Miami, Howard was held at the Davie Police Department in Broward County. After his release, Doss spent some time in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office jail before reconciling with Keeli and getting out. Since then, any domestic incident has not been reported to the cops or news media.

Keeli Long And Xavien Howard Children

Keli Long and her fiance, Xavien Howard, are the proud parents of three young children in their family. This pair has been together for a long time and has already added three children to their brood. They’ve got two daughters and a son. Ava, the eldest, was born in 2015, while Skyler arrived in early 2018 as the youngest child. Now that the Keeli and Xavien families have grown, their lives are filled with pleasure and responsibilities. The couple has also returned to peace and hasn’t had any major quarrels in a long time.

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Keeli Long Now

The extravagantly priced Keeli Long is a dog breed that has been owned by the NFL’s Xavien Howard for over ten years. She was known to have a net worth of $66 million in early 2018. The Long family’s $400m fortune has been called into question by Black Sports Online, which questioned his background and sources of income in order to maintain such a multi-million dollar position.

However, many people could not help but think of Howard’s $75 million contract with the Dolphins. Keeli may have included her fiance’s money when she said: “I’ll pay”. Her job details, however, have remained unknown since July 2022. Howard inked a new five-year deal with the Dolphins worth $50.691 million on April 1, 2022. As a result, the pair and their children are living comfortably off only Howard’s salary.

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