Keith Ape Disease: Here’s What We Know


Keith Ape has revealed that he is suffering from a critical illness with less than six months to live in his emotional Instagram update. Although no additional information regarding Keith Ape’s health condition has been released, his management will most likely issue an official statement.

Keith Ape is a South Korean underground rapper. Kid Ash was his previous moniker. Keith is a member of The Cohort hip-hop crew. On January 1, 2015, the song “It G Ma” by Ape became number five on Billboard K-list Town’s of the Favorite K-Pop Songs of 2015. Keith Ape Disease: Here’s What We Know.

Keith Ape Disease: What Happened With Her?

According to his Instagram announcement, Keith Ape has a terminal illness and only has six months to live. According to the caption, doctors have informed him he has three to six months to live.

Although it is unclear whether or not Keith is taking his health condition seriously, supporters have already voiced their opinions and formed judgments. Despite the fact that his medical condition has not been stated in the Instagram post, it appears that he is now preoccupied with creating as many songs as possible.

Keith Ape Health Update Details

On May 19, 2021, Ken Ape provided no additional health information after posting an emotional Instagram post. In response to kind remarks on the post, Ape requested that people talk about his songs rather than just his health., adding, ‘that’s all I’m concerned about right now.’

“It G Ma” is a viral hit, which has made him a worldwide sensation and earned him the moniker “Korean trap king.” The provocative song catapulted him to international fame, including a mention in the New York Times.

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What Happened To Keith Ape?

According to a report by South Korean news source Donga, the rapper revealed that he had only three to six months to live due to serious health issues. However, the South Korean rapper did not expand on his health and desired to make as many songs as possible.

After making an Instagram post revealing his diagnosis, Keith became an overnight media phenomenon with a lengthy Bio in major national and international news sources.

Follow Keith Ape On Instagram

On Instagram, Keith Ape is active. The underground rapper known as @chrt_keithape from South Korea has a verified public profile with eight postings and 278k followers. Keith uploads songs and events most frequently on his account.

Keith Ape FAQs

  • What was Keith Ape’s real name?
  • Keith Ape’s real name is Kid Ash. He changed it to Keith Ape when he joined The Cohort hip-hop crew.
  • When is Keith Ape’s birthday?
  • Keith Ape’s birthday is on January 1.
  • What is Keith Ape’s ethnicity?
  • Keith Ape is of Korean descent.
  • What is Keith Ape’s Instagram account?
  • Keith Ape’s Instagram account is @chrt_keithape. As of May 2021, he has 278k followers.

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