Kathie McCormack (Robert Durst’s Wife) Wikipedia, Age, Murder, Height, Weight, Brother

Kathie McCormack (Robert Durst’s Wife) Wikipedia, Age, Murder, Height, Weight, Brother
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Robert Durst spent the majority of his adult life under scrutiny and conjecture in relation to his wife Kathleen “Kathie” McCormack’s 1982 disappearance, his longtime friend Susan Berman’s 2000 murder, and his neighbor Morris Black’s 2001 passing. In the Black case, Durst was tried and found not guilty of murder; however, in the Berman case, he was found guilty.

According to the brother of Kathie Durst, if Robert Durst is found guilty, the family will finally find closure after 33 years of suffering. Since the Westchester County District Attorney renewed the inquiry into her abduction in 2000, it has remained a homicide investigation. Her body has never been located, and the police do not have a crime scene.

“I am a man of faith, and my faith is saying this third time is the charm,” said Kathie Durst’s brother, James McCormack, who watched the last episode of the HBO documentary with Strauss and other friends and family. “I just want to see this happen for Kathie, so we can have closure for our family.”

After getting married in 1972, the couple lived in Vermont for a while, operating a health food store, and then returned to New York, where Durst worked in the family real estate company.

In order to move forward with the sepulcher litigation, the family requested in July 2016 that the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court “declare that Kathie died on January 31, 1982, when she was murdered by her husband, Robert Durst”.

In 2017, the request was approved by the court, and Kathleen was pronounced deceased in absentia. Durst was one among the individuals revealed in the 2021 Pandora Papers leak, which revealed the offshore financial asset sheltering practices of numerous economic, political, and famous individuals.

A federal court judge decided in March 2023 that Kathie Durst’s family’s wrongful death lawsuit against Robert Durst’s estate may move forward. The judge stated in the decision that the complaint was not brought too soon after Robert Durst passed away. April 2023 was set aside for a conference.

Kathie McCormack Age

Kathie McCormack was 29 years when she was last seen in 1982. She was born on 1952 in New York, New York, U.S.

How Tall Was Kathie McCormack?

Kathie McCormack’s height was 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65 m). She weighs around 66 Kg or 132 lbs. Her body measurements are 38-27-40 inches. She had short brown hair and has dark brown eyes.

‘She always said to me if something happens, Bob did it — don’t let him get away with it.”

Whenever something horrible happened to Kathie Durst, she would phone in desperation about her terrible marriage, claiming Bob was to blame. By now Ellen Strauss was a law student, and their intimate daily relationship from their undergraduate days in Danbury in the 1970s had ended, but Strauss could still offer consolation and encouragement to a girlfriend.

Durst was treated for her husband’s abuse at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, just months before she was set to graduate from medical school. Durst was last seen two weeks later, on January 31, 1982, when she left a party in Newtown for her home in South Salem, N.Y., which borders Ridgefield.

For thirty years, Weston lawyer Strauss had urged authorities to indict her friend Robert Durst’s husband. “She always said to me if something happens, Bob did it — don’t let him get away with it,” Strauss said. “I made a promise and I kept it.”


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