Kang Minseo (Fantasy Boys) Profile, Age, Ideal Type, Net Worth, Facts


Kang Minseo, also known by her stage name 강민서, was born on July 22, 2001, under the zodiac sign Cancer. He stands at a height of 173 cm and has blood type A. Kang Minseo’s MBTI type is ENTP and he is of Korean nationality.


Kang Minseo Profile & Age

Kang Minseo sings well and is interesting. His strong voice has won over many fans. Kang Minseo’s ability and passion for music amaze fans with each performance. His music career is developing. In the music industry, Kang Minseo is a powerhouse due to his unique style and talent.

He connects with his audience through music, as they eagerly await his next album or live performance. Kang Minseo will only gain fame and success as he improves as an artist. His passion to his trade and hard work set him apart from other musicians.

What sets Kang Minseo distinct is his ability to express emotion and passion via song. Fans should expect more from this exceptional musician as he pushes boundaries and explores new musical frontiers. Kang Minseo’s music career is rising, yet his future is uncertain.

Kang Minseo’s voice and poignant lyrics continue to attract audiences with each release. His emotional connection with fans has made him a burgeoning music star. As a singer, Kang Minseo will affect the business for years to come.

Kang Minseo continues to redefine success and take fans on a musical journey like never before. Kang Minseo’s talent and enthusiasm look promising, and the world awaits his next move.

Kang Minseo Net Worth

As of 2024, Kang Minseo’s net worth is estimated to be $2M. His singing career is his main source of income. His training period was 1 year and describes himself as the most active of the quiet ones.

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Ideal Type

Kang Minseo’s ideal type is someone who loves him a lot and always be there for his support. He values loyalty and kindness above all else.

Lesser Known Facts About Kang Minseo

  • Kang Minseo’s specialty is sword dancing.
  • Green is Minseo’s favorite color.
  • He sketched an axe to represent himself.
  • He calls himself the most active silent one.
  • His favorite ideas are sensual and refreshing.
  • He finished 7th in Fantasy Boys.
  • He prefers big clothes.
  • Motto: Live your day without regrets.
  • His favorite nickname is “Black Labrador Retriever,” which sounds threatening but is a puppy.


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