Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Plot

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Julie and the Phantoms season two is eagerly anticipated after its first outing became a number-one hit for High School Musical and Descendants creator Kenny Ortega.

The genius showrunner adapted a Brazilian sitcom with a brilliant premise (a girl plays in a band with GHOSTS!) into a Netflix hit, which is no small feat.

But given his CV, we expected nothing less.

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Release Date

Season two hasn’t yet been officially announced , despite the first season airing in September of 2020.

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Once we’ve more information, we’ll include the details in this article quicker than a catchy melody gets stuck in the middle of creepy song.

The show was awarded the award for Best musical Moment during the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021 for ‘Edge Of Great which beat out Wandavision’s “Agatha All Along” and ‘Brown Skin Girls in the Beyonce album Black Is King, among other songs – evidently, it left an impression on viewers.

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Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Cast

Madison Reyes will be back as Julie – she is the titular character, after all.

Then there’s guitar player Luke (Charlie Gillespie), Reggie (Jeremy Shada) on bass, and drummer Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner), who we’d expect to return for a second season album.

And don’t forget Booboo Stewart as Willie, Jadah Marie as Flynn, Savannah May as Carrie, and the chilling Cheyenne Jackson as Caleb.

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Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Plot Explored

Season one sets up the premise that our undead band buddies are on Earth because they have unfinished business: that unfinished business has yet to be resolved at the end of the first set of episodes, so expect that plot to continue into the second season.

Also, there’s that fairly massive cliffhanger – Caleb Covington taking over Nick’s body for what we can only imagine are dastardly purposes. We’ll see more of that in season two.

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Trailer

There will be a long wait for the first time you can sing along to Julie as well as the Phantoms season two, since it has to be announced officially first.

In the meantime for the next episode, check out the positive trailer for the debut season, which is above.

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