Who Is Vivian Newman, Julian Newman’s Mother?


Vivian Newman is best known as the mother of Julian Newman, who is a basketball player who graduated from Prodigy Prep in Orlando, Florida in 2020. He stands 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) and plays the point guard position. Moreover, at the age of three, Newman began displaying an interest in basketball, and his father Jamie had him play with real-size balls and in informal leagues with older boys.

His father trained him intensively from a young age, with Newman reportedly shooting 100 free throws, 200 floaters, and 200 jump shots each day during practice. Who Is Vivian Newman, Julian Newman’s Mother?

Vivian Newman, Julian Newman’s Mother

Vivian Newman is the mother of Julian Newman, and she is extremely proud of her son’s achievements. She is very supportive of his basketball career and has always been there for him, both on and off the court. Vivian is a strong woman who has raised her son to be a successful young man. She is truly an inspiration to her family and friends.

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More About Vivian Newman

Vivian Newman is a very supportive mother who has always been by her son’s side, no matter what. She is there to encourage him when he needs it most and always supports his basketball career. Whether Julian is practicing or competing in a tournament, Vivian is there to cheer him on. She knows just how hard he works on the court and is proud of all of his accomplishments.

Not only does Vivian support Julian’s basketball endeavors, but she also supports his academic pursuits as well. She takes an active interest in his schoolwork and encourages him to do his best academically. In addition to this, she spends time with him outside of school activities doing fun things like going out for ice cream or taking trips together.

Vivian is a strong, independent woman who has raised her son to be a successful young man. She is an inspiration to family and friends, and they admire her positive attitude and determination. Even in the face of challenges or difficult times, Vivian always remains true to herself and stays focused on what’s important. All in all, she truly is one amazing mother.

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