Who Is Maria Pedraza, Juanjo Almeida’s Partner?


Juanjo Almeida and his partner, Maria Pedraza from the program Toy Boy, looked at each other. Is there a romantic relationship between them? Netizens are looking for additional information about the cast.

Juanjo is well-known for his work in the crime drama Toy Boy, in which he plays Andrea Norman Medina. The series follows a stripper who tries to prove his innocence after being convicted of a crime he did not commit. Besides Juanjo and María, other actors such as Jesus Mosquera and Cristina Castaño have contributed to the series. Who Is Maria Pedraza, Juanjo Almeida’s Partner?

Juanjo Almeida Partner Maria Pedraza

Juanjo and Maria’s love relationship is complicated. They have never expressed their love for one another. Furthermore, they appear to be good friends who enjoy each other’s company. Madrid-born Maria was born on January 26th, 1996. She is known for her work as Alison Parker in the television series Money Heist, as well as a recurring part in the Netflix drama Elite.

In the past, Maria was in a relationship with Jaime Lorente, the other cast of money heist. However, their relationship did not work out and they broke up.

Juanjo Almeida Dating History Explored

Juanjo Almeida is frequently mistaken for Alexandra Ferreira. The actor appears to be dating a woman. They are not presently involved in a relationship, according to reports. Neither of them had mentioned their connection before.

Juanjo’s rumored girlfriend, Maria, has also spoken about the photograph of him and Alexander on the beach with him. He tweeted: “Sunsets that will stay in my memory thanks to you.” Mr. Pedraza was astounded by the shot and stated, “Wow!” and “With a heart.”


To summarize, Almeida and Pedraza have had a long history of friendship, with no signs of love. Juanjo’s prior relationships are unknown to the public. The actor was seen on-and-off screen with various females.

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Juanjo Almeida Relationship Timeline

After six months, the actor confirmed their relationship on Instagram. Their first post together was accompanied by the phrase “Celebrating our love more last night.” The audiences were shocked and delighted for him. They frequently interact with each other, go for nighttime dates, and live a nice existence on beaches.

It’s been confirmed that Juanjo is not in the film business. Although the woman’s Instagram account is private, further information about her connection from her perspective may not be accessible. For up-to-date information on the actor, follow Juanjo on Instagram at juanjo_almeida.

Juanjo Almeida MCQs

  • What is the name of Juanjo’s partner?
  • His name is Maria Pedraza.
  • When was Juanjo Almeida born?
  • He was born on October 31, 1985.
  • What is the name of the series that Juanjo Almeida is known for?
  • The series is called Toy Boy.
  • What is the name of Juanjo Almeida’s rumored girlfriend?
  • The name of his girlfriend is Maria.

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