When Does The Johnny Depp Trial End?


The trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is still ongoing, but how long will it last? The pair has been displaying papers and information they have in hand during the trial. Fans have been waiting to hear what Heard has to say since Depp began taking the stand. It’s uncertain when Heard will take a position right now.

The trial is still ongoing, with both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp testifying. Heard has not yet taken the stand, but fans are eagerly awaiting her testimony. It’s unclear how long the trial will last, but it seems that both sides are prepared to continue presenting their evidence. The case is sure to be closely followed by fans of both Depp and Heard. When Does The Johnny Depp Trial End?

How Long Is Johnny And Amber’s Trial?

On May 30, 2018, the hearing began in Guatemala City. After three days of testimony and evidence-gathering on April 16, the case was presented to a jury of 15 people. Given that the trial began on April 12, it’s reasonable to predict that the entire event will conclude by May third week. Depp has stood up in court and explained his side of the matter. Heard has yet to make a statement.


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Why Is The Trial Taking Place In Virginia?

The basic answer to this is that Depp opted to file the case in Virginia, which will entail the entire case. Previously, Depp filed a libel lawsuit in London, and he subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit in Virginia.

To add to this, the whole defamation action is based on an opinion piece written by Heard for The Washington Post. Because the newspaper’s printing press is located in Virginia, the defamation suit was filed there. At the same time, globally distributed digital prints are made on a digital platform in Virginia.

How Long Were Amber And Johnny Together?

In 2002, Depp and Heard first met each other, but their relationship didn’t begin until 2012. The pair got together in 2014 and quickly became engaged. They married a year later. While everyone thought they were a match made in heaven, things started to fall apart soon after and they decided to get divorced a year later.

They have not had any children together, but Johnny Depp is a doting father to Lily-Rose and Jack. On the other hand, Heard is a mother to a gorgeous daughter named Oonagh Paige Heard.

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