Johanna Sjoberg (Jeffrey Epstein’s Victim) Age, Wikipedia, Story, Profession and Now

Johanna Sjoberg is working as a hairdresser who is currently living in Florida. She has previously said Maxwell recruited her to provide massages for Epstein in 2001 when she was at college. She was questioned in depositions made public on 03 Jan, 2024 about whether or not she had massaged a number of famous people who attended a party hosted by Epstein, such as former President Trump and Star Wars creator George Lucas. When asked if she had ever given Trump a massage or if he had asked her for any sexual favours, she said no.

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How old is Johanna Sjoberg?

Johanna Sjoberg age is 42 years old, as of 2024. She was born in 1982. She is one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims who alleged that Prince Andrew groped her breast with a puppet was seen out in Florida recently ahead of reports Epstein’s ‘client list’ is set to be unsealed.

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During the 179-page deposition, Sjoberg mentioned that Epstein had previously boasted about being able to phone the former president. Another question asked to Sjoberg was, if she had sex in a limousine with lawyer Alan Dershowitz while Virginia Roberts and Epstein were there. In answer, she stated, “Absolutely not”.

Johanna Sjoberg Wiki

Johanna Sjoberg has previously stated that in 2001 when at the multimillionaire paedophile Epstein’s Manhattan residence, the King’s brother touched her breast.

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She claimed this occurred after an incident in which Virginia Roberts’ breast was touched by a rubber Spitting Image puppet of the Duke of York, which was a gift from Epstein’s then-lover Ghislaine Maxwell.

More than three years have passed since Epstein was discovered dead in his New York jail cell, in 2019. The New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined that Epstein had committed suicide by hanging himself. The unsealing of the case comes after the investigation was completed.

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