Kim Resigns Saddened! Chapter 46 of Jinx Manhwa Spoilers and Leaks

Jinx is a really popular BL manhwa that fans can’t get enough of. It’s all about the unique connection between Dan, who is a physical therapist, and Jaekyung, an MMA fighter. The story has been going strong since it came out in 2022 and there have already been 45 chapters released. Each new chapter is serialized every ten days after the most recent chapter. Fans are loving all the twists and turns in the plot.

A Look Back At Chapter 45

After a romantic night at Jaekyung’s, the previous chapter changed perspective. The MMA fighter becomes drunk at his birthday celebration and invites Dan whose feelings get even more intense. Jaekyung cannot remember anything in chapter 45 due to a severe headache from the night.

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His coach sends gifts from the gym to his flat. Jaekyung gets furious after seeing the pricey products. Dan cooks a supper for the combatant before giving him his gift. The therapist shows his designer keychain after gathering his confidence. Dan also says how he took up a side hustle of late delivery work to save up for the present.

Jaekyung throws away the present and tells Dan to stay within his limits. He also threatens to fire Dan for slacking off or wasting time. Jinx chapter 46 ends badly leaving readers anxious for the next chapter.

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Jinx Chapter 46 Manhwa Spoilers

After such a dramatic climax, Jinx fans expect Dan to act in chapter 46. Dan feels weak and poor compared to Jaekyung from the start of the series. Since loans are offered, he helps the warrior with his unusual condition.

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Dan wants to say thanks by contributing to the team and Jaekyung’s personal life. Dan is devastated by Jaekyung’s harshness since he cannot accept rejection. Dan hoped the present made the fighter happier and closer. Dan is expected to resign and leave the team in Jinx chapter 46’s spoiler. Jaekyung will lose his next international match without the therapy.

In leaks and spoilers, the therapist’s decision could influence the story’s outcome. Dan worries his usefulness, but Jaekyung throwing away his present may change his feelings. The revelations could clarify Jaekyung’s birthday gift behavior.

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