Jim McEwan Darts Player World Championship 2022: Wiki, Biography, Wife, Height, Facts

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Jim McEwan, a professional darts player who has won the Unicorn Challenge Tour three times, is currently 55 years old. Jim McEwan prevailed in the Event Five final against Stephen Burton by victory 5-0. On the road to the final, McEwan dominated the field, defeating Will Harwood and Steven Noster while losing just one leg to Kevin Garcia, Jelle Klaasen, and Darren Penhall.

He was superior to Burton in the final round, overpowering him on each occasion and scoring two 14-darters during that time. Jim McEwan Darts Player World Championship 2022: Wiki, Biography, Height, Facts.

Jim McEwan Wikipedia, Bio

Jim McEwan, a darts player who has represented Scotland in international competitions and is the brother of Scottish football manager Alex McEwan, does not exist on Wikipedia. He plays his last match in the quarterfinals of the WDF World Championship 2022. He is currently ranked 136th in the WDF Men’s Rankings.

According to sources, his moniker is Chucky and he is Scottish. Since 1974, the World Darts Federation has been the sport’s governing body, staging numerous major tournaments in both men’s and women’s divisions.

The 2019 WDF World Darts Championship will be the inaugural event, with the 2021 WDF Masters following in 2022.

Jim McEwan Age In 2022

Jim McEwan was born on April 6, 1976. He is currently 55 years old and was similarly born. Similarly, he is still actively playing and a dedicated individual in his professional field, which requires a lot of bravery and hard work, even at the age of 55.

Since he is constantly battling with his opponents on the game field, his age does not appear to be a hindrance in his career.

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Is Jim McEwan Darts Player Married?

As a result of this, we are unable to determine whether or not he is married. As a professional tennis player, we can’t tell if you’re dating anybody right now.

However, based on his age, it is reasonable to assume that he has married or is now divorced. He appears to be more dedicated to his profession and work, which he talks about and displays in public frequently.

Jim McEwan is a professional player who has won several titles during his illustrious career. He’s been playing professionally since 1990, where he switched from Australia to the United Kingdom. His Facebook account, which goes by the name of Jim McEwan Darts, contains plenty of material.

Jim McEwan FAQs

  • What is Jim McEwan’s ethnicity? Scottish
  • What is Jim McEwan’s nationality? Scottish
  • What is Jim McEwan’s age? 56 years old (as of 2022)
  • Is Jim McEwan married? Unknown
  • What is Jim McEwan’s profession? Darts player
  • What is Jim McEwan’s Facebook name? Jim McEwan Darts

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