Who Is Jennifer Giamo, Shane Farley Ex Wife?

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Jennifer Giamo is the ex-wife of Shane Farley, a television producer who is now engaged to Food Network’s famous chef Giada De Laurentiis. Jennifer Giamo lives in Manhattan, New York. She is married to Shane Farley, an executive producer who has won four Emmys.

She is a personal trainer certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as a yoga instructor, corrective exercise specialist, Reiki practitioner, and fitness counselor. She owns Trainers in Transit LLC in addition to being a CEO of IndiTrain Fitness Super Group Inc. Who Is Jennifer Giamo, Shane Farley Ex Wife?

Shane Farley Ex-Wife: Jennifer Giamo

Jennifer Giamo resides in New York City with her spouse, Shane Farley, an executive producer who has won four Emmys for his work. She is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Trainers in Transit LLC Founder. Following classes at Les Mills Global Fitness Centers, she received a personal training certificate from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Giamo is the creator of Trainers in Transit LLC and a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She left her corporate job and became a fitness consultant after working for a number of years as a supervisor of Fortune 500 firm’s health club programs.

She wanted to start her own business and focus on total health and wellbeing after working for many years in the corporate sector. Jenn is now able to contact with a large number of individuals due to her recent move to Los Angeles, as well as her internet and app-based courses.

Jennifer completed Ramapo College, where she studied Counseling Psychology and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. She obtained her Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Montclair State University after that.

Jennifer Giamo Age

Jennifer Giamo is a personal trainer who currently resides in New York City. She is 51 years old. Jennifer was born in New York City in 1971 and has spent her entire life there. When she was 29, Giamo married her current ex-husband, who was then her boyfriend.

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Jennifer Giamo Net Worth

She has remained tight-lipped regarding her salary. Given that she is both a personal trainer and the owner of Trainers in Transit, however, her income is projected to be around $100,000. She has made appearances on Live with Kelly & Ryan, The Rachael Ray Show, and other talk shows in the meantime.
Jennifer Giamo Divorce Settlement

For a total of 15 years until they filed for divorce in 2015, Jennifer Giamo and her ex-husband Shane Farley were wed. The pair’s divorce was kept under wraps at all times. Even the circumstances surrounding their breakup are unknown.

Meanwhile, just a few months after he completed his divorce from Jenn, stories started to spread that Farley was dating Italian-American chef, writer, and television personality Giada Pamela De Laurentiis. In 2013, two years before they began dating, they first met while working on De Laurentiis’ cooking show FABLife.

Throughout it all, De Laurentiis married Todd Thompson, a fashion designer. Both Farley and De Laurentiis were married to Thompson for a total of 12 years before calling it quits in 2015.

Jennifer Giamo Children

There are no indications that Jennifer Giamo has any children, according to the public records. The New Yorker personal trainer appears to be concerned with keeping her personal life private.

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