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Who Is Jason Antoine Beasley? Philthy Rich Brother : Wiki, Age, Height & Facts


Jason Antoine Beasley is best known as the brother of Philthy Rich’s brother. He was sentenced to 15 years of prison for kidnapping and assault of a young girl in 2016.

Paul Booker, Jason Antoine Beasley, and Ruben Manzell Mitchell were charged with eight felonies and numerous enhancements, including kidnapping to commit a s** crime, rape in concert, torture, and attempted human trafficking for commercial s**.

Jason Antoine Beasley Now

Jason Antoine Beasley remains in prison. He was sentenced at 15 years imprisonment, which is the most severe punishment of the three criminals. Paul Booker, who was the main culprit, was sentenced for 117 years in prison. Mitchell was sentenced for 45 years to live in prison. He was the only one to express remorse and not actively assault the victim.

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Jason Antoine BeasleyWikipedia
Jason Antoine Beasley Now 2021In Prision
Height5 foot 7 inches
Weight78 Kg
Age24-yrs old (as of 2021)

Jason Antoine Beasley Net Worth & Age

Jason Antoine Beasley ’s age is 29 years old currently, as of 2021. He was 24 years old at the time of his conviction in 2016. However, his precise birth info is missing from the internet. Exact amount of net worth of Jason Antoine Beasley is still not known.

Philthy Rich Brother Jason Antoine Beasley Wikipedia

Philthy Rich Brother Jason Antoine Beasley is known as the brother of rapper Philthy Rich. He was convicted of kidnapping, torture, and attempted human trafficking along with Booker and Mitchell. They kidnapped a 17-year-old girl. The victim, whose name is not identified, accused Booker as the lead perpetrator.

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