Who Is Jasmine Moss? Motive Behind Her Daughter’s Waxing Controversy

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Jasmine Moss is an Instagram personality and social media personality. Many people on the internet are upset and have differing views after seeing Jasmine Moss’s daughter waxing an adult’s private area in a photo on Instagram.

She is also known as Jasminedemiracle, a licensed Black esthetician who posted the controversial image. She is an esthetician hails from Memphis, Tennessee who specializes in facials, chemical peels, body treatments, and waxing.

On February 17, 2024, she posted a video on Instagram of her daughter performing a waxing service on an adult’s private area. She captained the image which read as,

“When I say I’m passing down the Deeds and LLCs to my creation I mean that. Ms. Khloe did her thang today. She literally helped me wax 24 clients starting from 7:23-5pm. She made a total of $744 and I’m going to put the money towards whatever her future dreams and aspirations are”

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Post has sparked controversy among netizens with differing opinions on the appropriateness of the situation. Another user expressed their disbelief, stating,

“This is just another example of how social media influencers will do anything for attention, even if it means exploiting their own children.”

The controversial post quickly went viral, sparking a heated debate about parental boundaries and the ethics of using children for content creation. Despite the backlash, the influencer has yet to address the criticism or remove the post from their feed.

Some people think Moss is teaching her daughter about business ethics. Moss decided to deactivate her Instagram account due to the overwhelming amount of negative comments she received.

Jasmine Moss Waxing Controversy

Jasmine Moss’ Instagram photo of her young child waxing went viral. Many netizens were suspicious about Moss and her business after the post went viral. She has received accolades from delighted customers who suggest her services.

When Jasmine Moss commended her daughter waxing mature ladies, everything changed. In reply to comments from social media users, she deleted all her social media accounts. Netizens were furious over her business Instagram page’s comments.

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Jasmine Moss Husband

Jasmine Moss is a married lady. Couple together has three children. Her Instagram account user name is, ‘mylife_as_jazz’.


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