Why Titans CB Janoris Jenkins is going by his nickname ‘Jackrabbit’ in his 10th NFL season

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One simple request of Janoris Jenkins’ when he joined the Titans for the 2021 NFL season was that he be called Jackrabbit. Since high school, Janoris has gone by Jackrabbit in the official media guides of his previous three teams, a nickname he’s held since college. Why?

How did Jackrabbit Jenkins get his nickname?

During his college days at Florida, Jenkins received the moniker “Strawberry.” After discussing Jenkins’ playmaking speed with former Gators defensive backs coach Vance Bedford, he gave it its name.

“It comes from college,” Jenkins said of the nickname, per Arthur. “When I first entered college, I entered in January (for) spring ball. I really didn’t know any plays when I went out there, but I was making a lot of plays. We got in the film room and my coach was just like, ‘You’re moving fast. You’re moving like a jackrabbit.’ Because where I’m from, we’re catching rabbits.”

Jenkins isn’t kidding. He’s from Pahokee, Florida — a town known as “Muck City” where young children grow up chasing and capturing rabbits to eat and sell in order to support their families. Ironically, Jenkins’ moniker had nothing to do with Pahokee, but he embraced it regardless.

The sobriquet has endured, and Jenkins has even grown to like it over time. Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News said he was frequently compelled to remind individuals to call him Jackrabbit when he was a member of the Giants.

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Did Janoris Jenkins change his legal name to Jackrabbit?

It looks like Jenkins hasn’t changed his legal name to Jackrabbit. He simply prefers to be known as “Jackrabbit,” but he was still identified as “Janoris Jenkins” on the Rams, Giants, and Saints rosters during his previous nine NFL seasons.

The Titans are the first NFL franchise to brand him “Jackrabbit Jenkins” on their official site. Jenkins is grateful for that decision, which resolved the initial ambiguity surrounding his name when he initially joined Tennessee. Now, everyone is familiar with the Titans’ official roster. As a result, he will henceforth be known as Jackrabbit.

Origins Of Janoris Jenkins Nickname

According to sources, Jenkins explained the source of his moniker – Jackrabbit – in further detail. “It comes from college (North Alabama),” he explained.

“When I first entered college, I really didn’t know any plays when I went out there, but I was making lots of plays.

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