Who Is Jamie Gulpilil: David Gulpilil Children Details


Who is Jamie Gulpilil, and what does he have to do with his father, David Gulpilil? Continue reading to learn more about the son of David Gulpilil, an aboriginal Australian actor and dancer known for Rabbit-Proof Fence, Crocodile Dundee, and Australia.

Who Is Jamie Gulpilil?

Jamie’s father, a Yolngu man who was born in Arnhem Land but grew up elsewhere, died on 29 November 2021 of lung cancer at 68. During his filmography career, he won 11 accolades, including several AACTA and AFCA Awards. He also received the Australian Centenary Medal as a result of his accomplishments.

Jamie Gulpilil Age

Jami Gulpilil was born in 1999 as Jamie Dayindi Gulpilil Dalaithngu, the son of David Gulpilil, an indigenous Australian multitalented entertainment artist. He is also an actor.

Jamie Gulpilil Career

Jamie has starred in five movies on his IMDB page thus far. He made his screen debut in the first feature-length film produced in an indigenous language, Ten Canoes, in 2006. His father voiced it. He worked on four more following that. Charlie’s Country was the most recent of Jamie’s works, released in 2013.

There isn’t much known about his acting career, but there isn’t much information available regarding his personal life.

Jamie Gulpilil Wife

Despite being the son of a well-known celebrity, Jamie has led a secret existence. According to reports, Jamie’s mother is Diane Murray. However, he was previously married to Robyn Djunginy and they divorced in 2003.

As for his time with Diane, it remains unknown at the moment.

Jamie has three siblings, Makia, Phoebe, and Jida. His aunts are Mary and Evonne.

As for Jamie Gulpilil’s wife, he doesn’t seem to be married.

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Jamie Gulpilil Facts

There are no signs to the contrary.

Furthermore, the actor’s lack of activity on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter made it much easier to conceal. We don’t even know if he was previous involved in relationships or not.

Jamie Gulpilil is a young and rising actor, so he’s probably concerned with his career.

Jamie Gulpilil Net Worth

Furthermore, the average age at marriage for Australian males is 32.2 years old. He may have some ideas in that area as well. Jamie Gulpilil has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

His father’s large filmography career, which resulted in 11 wins, may have played a role in the estimate. He has also worked on several profitable credits throughout his career.

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