Jaime Osuna (Murderer) Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Yvette Pena, Facts

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Jaime Osuna is a notorious Notorious Kern murderer who is charged with murdering another cellmate, Luis Romero, at Corcoran State Prison in California. The accused was previously imprisoned for life without parole for brutally murdering a Bakersfield woman in 2011.

Jaime Osuna, a self-described sadist, murdered his fellow inmate in a vicious and barbarous manner at California prison.

Who Is Jaime Osuna?

The authorities state that Luis Romero, the victim, was savagely assaulted while still alive.

Jaime is said to have beheaded several limb parts of the deceased, stabbed his eyes, and partially removed his lungs, according to reports. Jaime could face a death sentence for this horrible crime.

Jaime Osuna Age

Jaime Osuna made headlines after the fatal and gruesome murder of his cellmate, Luis Romero, despite the fact that he is not listed on Wikipedia. He is believed to be 31 years old as of April 2019.

Jaime Osuna Wife

The sadistic murderer was once married and had a wife named Joelle Castellano.

Speaking about his family background, he was abused as a child by his stepfather. Before he became a notorious murderer, he showed signs of becoming a sadistic killer from an early age when he started to torture and kill his family cat.

Jaime Osuna on Instagram

He is not active on any social media platform. Since Jaime could not be found on Instagram or Twitter accounts, he was unable to be identified.

In 2011, he murdered Yvette Pena, 36, in a California motel room.

His face is entirely covered in tattoos.

Jaime Osuna Facts

In an interview given to Kron4, Jaime admitted to the sadistic and brutal slaying of all of his victims and claimed he would do it all over again without remorse if given a chance.

After his body was mutilated, including his eyes, a finger, slashing off his cheeks, and puncturing and partially removing his lungs, Luis Romero bled to death.

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The decision has not yet been made in the case of Jaime Osuna.


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