Jade Bender Senior Year on Netflix: Here’s What We Know

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Jade Bender is the talk of the town these days after starring in Netflix’s Senior Year, a film about her senior year. The 2022 drama is about a cheerleading stunt that goes horribly wrong. A high school cheerleader falls into a coma just before her senior prom.

For example, at age 20 in the year 2020, she awakes from her coma and is completely perplexed as to what has happened. Instead of accepting that she has missed out on the end of high school, she decides that she wants to get back everything she lost and become prom queen in some way. Jade Bender Senior Year on Netflix: Here’s What We Know.

Jade Bender’s Parents

Jade’s parents are Lon and Peggy Bender, according to Show Biz Cast. Her father is a freelance artist who makes money off of his work, while her mother works as a housewife. Jade has been fairly quiet about her family life up until now. She has occasionally included photographs of herself with her family members on social media, including her parents, but it isn’t very often.

In 2019, Jade shared a lovely photo with her father. The caption she wrote read, “Look; I know I said IDGAF that I’m not going to Coachella this year, but I lied. Also, if [you] ever get the chance, go with Stupid Dad.” In 2020, she posted side-by-side comparisons of herself as a baby next to her mother as a baby. Her infant shot strikingly resembles her mother’s picture. It’s quite evident where Jade got her features.

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More About Jade Bender

Jade has over 22,000 Instagram followers who are interested in following her. Her most recent pictures have focused on her role in Senior Year with her co-stars including Rebel Wilson. Jade’s Instagram photos are frequently artistic, creative, and aimed at displaying how sociable she is. She occasionally posts photographs of herself with her dog, giving the impression that she adores animals as much as people.

Jade frequently posts photo of herself in a swimsuit displaying her athletic build, but she doesn’t post bikini photos regularly. Jade appears to be at ease with speaking up for social issues.

“No lives matter until Black lives do,” one of her Instagram photos quotes. She added, “I realize that I will never understand.” “However, I am with you,” she added. It isn’t always easy for celebrities and influencers to speak up for what they believe in, so when they do, it’s worth paying attention to. There are no indications on Jade’s Instagram that she is currently involved in a relationship or dating someone.

Jade seems to have a lot of potential. I’m sure she’ll make an excellent actress in the future, and seeing what projects Jade chooses to pursue in the entertainment business will be fascinating. There are several prospective series and films that would work well with a young talent on the rise such as her. Netflix now offers Senior Year for streaming.

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