Izaiah Dolezal Age, Wiki, Parents: Rachel Dolezal’s Brother

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Izaiah Dolezal is the brother of Rachel Dolezal who was president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington, from 2014 until June 2015. With the consent of her parents, Dolezal obtained legal guardianship of Izaiah, in 2010.

He wanted to become legally independent because he claimed that Larry and Ruthanne, his parents, not only physically abused him and his siblings but also threatened to send them away if they didn’t follow their rules.

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Izaiah’s brother, Ezra Dolezal contradicted these allegations in an interview with CNN. During an interview with BuzzFeed, Ezra admitted that their parents were strict and occasionally resorted to physical punishment.

How old is Izaiah Dolezal?

Izaiah Dolezal is 16 years old, as of 2024. Rachel Dolezal’s biological brother, Josh, plus step-siblings Ezra, Zach, Izaiah and Ester.

After his sister moved from Montana to the West to create a ‘whole new identity’, he disclosed how nervous she was to hide her ethnicity.

He remembered visiting his sister in Spokane in 2012 and learning that she had convinced a black man to pose as her father and destroyed all traces of her family back home. He disclosed that Dolezal informed him.

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‘Over here, I’m going to be considered black, and I have a black father. Don’t blow my cover. She wanted to make a new life for herself but she took it to the ultimate extreme, – Not only did she move out to Spokane, but she created a whole new identity for herself.’

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It was disclosed by Ezra that his sister became ‘hateful to white people’ after graduating from Howard University with a Master of Fine Arts.

He added that because she was one of the few white students focusing in African art at the predominantly black university, she felt mistreated there.

Izaiah Dolezal and Rachel Dolezal

Izaiah Dolezal was adopted by Rachel Dolezal along with her biological son Franklin, has chosen to live with Dolezal after leaving his parents’ home. In interviews, both Izaiah and Franklin express their support for Dolezal and accept her identity.


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