Is Too Hot to Handle season 4 happening?

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The third season of Hot to Handle is now available on Netflix, and if you just finished watching the most recent season, your interest has been piqued. Let’s just say that Too Hot to Handle season 3 raised the bar in testing this season’s contestants, resulting in one unforgettable conclusion.

After another amazing season, it’s only natural to wonder what the future holds for Netflix’s hit reality series. Is there going to be a new season soon?

Has Too Hot to Handle been renewed?

Netflix has not yet renewed Too Hot to Handle for a fourth season, but it appears to be in good shape. The series has garnered a lot of attention since its debut, which is why Netflix was quick to grant a two-season renewal following its release.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Netflix renews Too Hot to Handle for a second two-season order, but the likelihood is that it will. The major question now is when the renewal may be announced.

When Netflix first announced the renewal of “Arrested Development” in July, 2015, die-hard fans had to wait more than nine months after season 1 aired on Fox. It was worth the wait when Netflix gave a two-season order following the end of season 2. Since then, Netflix has been quicker in renewing shows, so an update as early as a few weeks to a few months is possible.

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Too Hot to Handle season 4 release date

Netflix has not ordered Too Hot to Handle season 4 yet, making it difficult to forecast when the season will air. Season 4, on the other hand, is unlikely to arrive in 2022. Netflix typically releases one season of a reality program in a year, but it has only released one season of Too Hot to Handle so far.

The third season of Too Hot to Handle, which debuted in January 2022, is likely the earliest we will see Too Hot to Handle season 4 release date.

Of course, Netflix may surprise us by releasing season four before the end of the year; however, that would be the earliest any season could arrive and would be subject to production beginning during the first or second quarter of 2019.

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