Is James O’Keefe Gay? Sexuality, Partner and Relationship Timeline

James O’Keefe is well-known for his guerilla journalism techniques and has hinted at his sexual orientation making some to assume that he may be gay. He has garnered backing from the far right as well as from conservative and right-wing media and interest groups.

Is Guerrilla Journalist James O’Keefe Gay?

James O’Keefe’s romantic status has been brought into doubt by many, which has raised speculation about his sexuality specifically whether or not he is gay. He hasn’t disclosed his gender identity in the public, though.

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His sexual orientation cannot be confirmed with certainty, nor can it be confirmed whether he is homosexual, straight or bisexual. Though, he is romantically connected with Alexandra Rose, in 2024.

O’Keefe’s sexuality is his matter in the end. Criticising his work and behavior is acceptable, but guessing about his sexual orientation and private life is unethical when done without his permission.

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Who Is James O’Keefe?

James was born on June 28, 1984, in Bergen County, New Jersey. He is a conservative filmmaker and activist. He grew alongside his younger sister. His dad James, a materials engineer, and mom Deborah O’Keefe, a physical therapist. He has a younger sister.

He obtained a B.A. in Philosophy from Rutgers University, in 2006 and has been active in his field since then. O’Keefe is associated with various organizations including Project Veritas, Project Veritas Action, and O’Keefe Media Group.

He is well-known for his activism and has gained attention for his notable works such as the ACORN 2009 undercover videos controversy and the Project Veritas videos. He began a column on Breitbart’s website, BigGovernment, in 2010. He considers himself a muckraker. He launched a new organization called O’Keefe Media Group, in 2023.

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His personal ‘X’ account permanently suspended on April 15, 2021. Twitter took this action because they believed O’Keefe violated their policy against platform manipulation and spam, specifically by using fake accounts to manipulate conversations. He strongly denied these allegations and stated his intention to file a lawsuit against X.

In 2011, O’Keefe was recognized as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 rising stars in the media industry. The publication later expressed regret for including him on the list and placed him in their Hall of Shame in 2023 alongside nine other selections they wished they could retract.

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