Inigo Philbrick and Victoria Baker: What We Know


Victoria Baker-Harber is a single mother raising her child after her former partner Inigo Philbrick was imprisoned. He is serving a 20-year sentence for masterminding a multi-million-pound art scam after being convicted in 2017. Victoria Baker-Harber, Inigo Philbrick’s previous partner, is an impostor.

Here you’ll find all you need to know about them. He said he’d done a big art fraud, selling many works to purchasers at exorbitant rates. According to the tale, while in court, he was found guilty of defrauding art buyers of more than $86 million.

According to the BBC, Linnaeus was paid $20 million by Philips. He is said to have made a total of $70 million, including £4.1 million for one of the works. Inigo Philbrick and Victoria Baker: What We Know.

Inigo Philbrick and Victoria Baker: Who Are They?

Inigo Philbrick had a business connection with Louise Baker, who later became the lover of Ponzi scam creator Inigo Philbrick. Philbrick has acknowledged to committing massive art fraud. He’s also been called a “serial liar” and someone who has admitted to defrauding investors of millions of dollars.

According to reports, Made in Chelsea regular Ashley Baker Harber, who goes by the name of Ashlee Tomkins, has been an frequent visitor since 2011. She is now raising her kid while her spouse is incarcerated.

Blazer has only seen her incarcerated ex-boyfriend a few times, but he has never met their daughter, Gaia-Grace. He did not attend court sessions in Miami and London in 2019. Police tracked him down and arrested him the next year after police were alerted by someone who spotted him at a library.

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Inigo Philbrick’s Net-Worth

On the Internet, Inigo Philbrick is yet to disclose his net worth. Meanwhile, he has agreed to turn over more than $86 million in proceeds from the fraud. According to Art News, he may be worth up to $70 million. This does not take into account Inigo Philbrick’s businesses valued at $150 million.

Judd Grossman, a lawyer for Satfinance, stated that they had only seen “the tip of an iceberg.” He claims that many more people have been affected than those who have filed lawsuits against him.

Inigo Philbrick Charges In Fraud-Scheme

Inigo Philbrick is facing a custodial sentence of 20 years. However, he is still awaiting the court’s decision on his punishment.

The date for his hearing has been postponed until May. His attorney has submitted 17 letters on his behalf, pleading for him to receive a milder sentence. His loved ones and close friends are coming forward in support of him.

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