India Love And Devin Haney Broke Up | Was They Really In Love?


India Love, a popular American model and social media influencer, has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend, professional boxer Devin Haney. Reports suggest that the couple had been having issues with communication and trust, and eventually decided to call it quits after trying to work through their differences. The couple had been dating on and off since 2019, and their relationship had been a subject of media speculation and public interest.

Are India Love And Devin Haney Broke Up?

The breakup news was first reported by Haney himself, who posted a message on his Instagram story, saying that he was single and focused on his boxing career. The reason for the split is not clear, but there have been rumors of cheating and infidelity on both sides.


India Love has not yet commented on the breakup, but has posted a series of cryptic messages on her social media accounts, suggesting that she is going through a difficult time. Despite the breakup, both India Love and Devin Haney have a large and devoted fan following, and are likely to continue to be popular and successful in their respective fields.

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Who Is Devin Haney?

Devin Haney, who is considered one of the top boxers in his weight class, has been focusing on his upcoming fight against Jorge Linares, which is scheduled for May 2021. He is ranked as the world’s best active lightweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, in 2022.

India Love, meanwhile, has been busy with her modelling and social media career, and has recently launched her own clothing line. She began starring alongside her sisters on the reality series The Westbrooks, in 2015.

Was They Really In Love?

The couple had previously faced criticism from some fans and commentators, who felt that their relationship was not genuine and was merely a publicity stunt. This criticism arose because of the couple’s frequent public appearances, which some felt were orchestrated to gain attention.

Some commentators pointed out that the couple had not publicly addressed any of the rumors surrounding the relationship, which further led some to doubt the genuineness of their connection.

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