Ilaria Gomez (Nia Vardalos’s Daughter) Age, Wikipedia, Father, Mother

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Ilaria Gomez was was adopted by the actor Ian Gomez, and Canadian actress, director, producer and screenwriter Nia after trying for nine years to conceive through IVF and surrogacy in 2008. With 13 failed IVF procedures, an unsuccessful surrogate, and multiple miscarriages, the couple realized that having a child was not going to happen. After years of trying and spending thousands of dollars, the couple eventually had to accept that their dream of having a biological child was not going to come true. She was grew up in Winnipeg, family was defined by a gaggle of blood relatives, devotion to Greek heritage and strong ties to tradition.

Who Is Ilaria Gomez?

Ilaria Gomez’s parents not revealed her age or ethnicity. Nia, however, kept picturing a blonde girl with streaks in her hair. In her dreams, she had seen her. When she met her daughter for the first time, all she could think was “I found you.” Then she noticed the blond highlights running through her hair.

Although her family isn’t related by blood or background, Ilaria Gomez’s mother, Nia, became a mother to an almost-3-year-old girl with only 14 hours’ notice. Nia’s daughter, Ilaria, isn’t just funny and fits right in with Ian and Nia’s comedic instincts; the moment Nia met her, Nia felt she was like her.

“Being a mother,” she writes, “actually being my daughter’s mother has changed me. My daughter filled a raggedy hole in my heart. She is the love of my life.”

Ilaria Gomez Likes

Ilaria Gomez loves to playdate chaperone, a carpool driver and a Scooby-Doo lunch-bag packer.

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She tells her mother, Nia daily that she’s not cool, and she takes parenting advice from her own mom, like how to keep quiet in the car in order to learn about what’s going on in Ilaria’s life (a challenge for the admittedly loud Nia).

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Ilaria Gomez Childhood

According to Wikipedia, Ilaria was three years old and in the foster care system at the time. In 2013, Vardalos donated all the proceeds from her book, Instant Mom, a New York Times bestseller, to adoption groups. In The Huffington Post, Vardalos also wrote an advice column about adoption.

On July 3, 2018, it was announced that Vardalos had filed for divorce from Gomez after 23 years of marriage, and that they had already been separated since June of 2017. The divorce was finalized two months later.

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