Hunter Lonigro Age, Girlfriend, Instagram, Height and Weight

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Hunter Lonigro is best known for appearing in Too Hot to Handle season 5. He is a social media influcer and model as well. He has 223K subscribers on his ‘@itts_hunter‘ YouTube channel. THTH is a reality series that follows a group of single people as they try to find love without any physical contact. His Netflix introduction describes him as, “Mr Popular” in his friendship group. In the show THTH S05 he is cast with other stars such as, Alex Snell, Elys Hutchinson, Courtney K. Randolph, Megan Thomson, Shedre Woodard, Isaac Francis, Christine Obanor, Louis Russell and Hannah Brooke.

Hunter Lonigro Biography and Age

How old is Hunter Lonigro? He is 24 years old, in 2023. He hails from Arizona. He has a reputation of being a bit of a ladies man and is known for using his charm to get what he wants, including women. He’s willing to use the prize money to buy his way into relationships, which makes him a bit of a wild card for the other contestants.

Hunter Lonigro’s Instagram

Hunter Lonigro has 21.2K followers on his ‘hunting_for_lonigro‘ Instagram account. His photographs of modeling, travelling and outdoor activities have become increasingly popular attracting thousands of new followers every day.

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How Tall Is Hunter Lonigro?

Hunter Lonigro works as a social media influence and a fitness enthusiast too. His height is 5’10” and body weight is 78 Kg or 171 lbs. His birth sign is Scorpio.

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Hunter LoNigro’s Profession

Hunter LoNigro has made a number of posts on his social media profiles in which he regularly posts photos of his trips and the places he visits, as well as stories about his experiences. He also shares tips and advice for other travelers, which has gained him a large following.

“Hunter loves spending time with a girl who is an adventure-seeking risk taker…until the next free-spirited head-turner catches his eye. His infectious personality has resulted in Hunter being Mr. Popular in his friendship group.”

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He is a big fan of travelling and also said, “The richness of life isn’t measured by our bank accounts, but by our experiences and our ability to learn from others. Embracing other cultures and perspectives is what makes us truly wealthy.

It’s not our differences that define us, but the choices we make as individuals. By respecting and understanding one another, we become stronger and more compassionate human beings.

We may not have control over where we’re born, but we do have control over how we treat each other. Let’s choose to be kind, curious, and open-minded, and embrace the diversity that surrounds us.”


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