Who Is Hunter Lee Soik, Anna Delvey Boyfriend?

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Anna Sorokin, the protagonist of Inventing Anna, creates something amazing when she surrounds herself with interesting, varied, and incredibly talented individuals. Despite her circle’s apparent superficiality, there are some really smart individuals among her friends’ The show, which is based on a 2018 New York Magazine article by Jessica Pressler, features a colorful cast of parodies of real-life people.

‘The Futurist’ is also mentioned in Pressler’s piece, and since the program’s debut, there has been much speculation over who the intriguing figure may be based on. Hunter Lee Soik is said to be one of the possible IT entrepreneurs to whom “the Futurist” might be referring in his speech according to some reports. To obtain a better understanding of Hunter, look at what we know about him. Who Is Hunter Lee Soik, Anna Delvey Boyfriend?

Hunter Lee Soik Wiki, Bio

Hunter Lee Soik was born in Seoul, South Korea, and may have been adopted by a couple from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, shortly after his second birthday. He left high school immediately to pursue a professional skating career before briefly attending the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara for a few months. Hunter has also appeared in a Coca-Cola commercial and gone on to found his own production company, according with his New Yorker piece.

In 2011, when Jay-Z and Kanye West traveled on tour with Watch the Throne, he was brought in as a creative consultant for the occasion. It was during this period that the young entrepreneur conceived of the Shadow: Community of Dreamers mobile application. His aspirations were particularly strong after some unusually long periods of sleep while taking advantage of a well-deserved holiday, and he was disappointed to learn there wasn’t an app for it.

In order to understand how dreams are interpreted from various vantage points, he spent numerous months researching works by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, as well as Japanese neuroscientists and psychologists. Fast Company published a feature about Shadow in 2014, shortly before his Kickstarter campaign had raised $82,500; the software was anticipated to be ready for release within a few months.

Simply put, the program served as an alarm clock that prompted users to report their dreams as soon as they awoke. The objective was to compile massive databases of dreams based on the keywords supplied by the consumers in their reports.

In early 2017, he became Head of Program for Dubai Future Talks, a role that saw him travel to more than 30 other cities around the world. He also served on the steering group for the crucial Dubai Commercity project, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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What happened to Hunter Lee Soik these days?

According to public records, Carnivore appears to have worked in a number of organizations, particularly in the technology sector. He is a successful entrepreneur now known as the Founder and Executive Chairman of ens group, which is said to be based in Hong Kong according on available information.

His LinkedIn profile says he served as a founding member of TRADE X, a worldwide B2B automobile trade platform, and its interim chief operating officer. Despite the fact that little is known about Hunter’s present work or family life, it appears he may now be living in New York City.

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