Meet Christina and Michelle: Howie Kendrick’s Sisters

Howie Kendrick is an American MLB second baseman who began his career with the Los Angeles Angels in 2006. After nine years with the Angels, he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers prior to the 2015 MLB season. He helped the Washington Nationals win a World Series Championship in 2019. Meet Christina and Michelle: Howie Kendrick’s Sisters.

Howie Kendrick’s Sisters: Meet Christina and Michelle

Howie Kendrick was raised by two sisters: Christina and Michelle. Kendrick’s family grew up in the Dodger organization, which is why he understands just how much pressure there is at this level of baseball. It’s also a big reason to why his younger brother is currently playing professional ball himself.

The two girls have always been very close to their brother, and often work as his biggest cheerleaders. It’s not uncommon for Christina and Michelle to attend Kendrick’s games in support of the upcoming series against the Dodgers. Howie is especially grateful for this, because it means he always has a familiar face in the crowd.

Christina and Michelle have always been very supportive of their brother’s career, and they continue to be two of his biggest fans. They are excited to see him succeed at the highest level, and they know that he has the potential to be one of the best players in the game. Howie Kendrick is a role model to his sisters, and they are proud of everything he has accomplished.

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Christina and Michelle Are Very Supportive Sisters

Christina and Michelle are very supportive sisters. They are always there for each other when one is in need. Christina is the older sister and she always looks out for her younger sister, Michelle. Michelle is very grateful to have such a caring and protective sister like Christina. They have a great relationship and are always there for each other.

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