How to build a pond in The Sims 4: Check It Out


How to Create a Pond in The Sims 4 Is it possible to create a pond in The Sims 4? Yes, you can do this with either the original game or the Cottage Living expansion. For many gamers, this choice is long overdue, as it finally allows them to make a beautiful water feature without having to resort to collecting plants and a pool. Of course, they have an added purpose in addition to looking beautiful in your garden: you may fish in them without leaving your house lot.

In The Sims 4, creating a pond isn’t as simple as constructing a pool, so here’s how to get started. We’ll go through all of it in the next part: everything you need to do to actually develop a pond, including accessorizing it, stocking it with fish, and more.
How to build a pond in The Sims 4: Check It Out.

Use the terrain tool to make your pond shape

In Build/Buy Mode, go to the terrain tools and choose “Lower Terrain” from the “Paint Tool.” You can then use this to build your pond’s basic outline. You may switch between brush types (round or square) and modify how quickly your tool drills into the ground, allowing you to control depth a bit more easily.

Use of the terrain brushes, when compared to pool tools, improves your pond’s natural appearance and functionality with the environment.

Fill it with water

Once you’ve gotten the shape of your basic pond (or river) down, go to the “Water Tool” part of the terrain menu. You may simply just raise the water level here, which will gradually add a layer of water with each click according to the vague water level lines visible in the terrain dip.


However, if you’re like most folks and still using the old fashioned method of drawing a line in the street with chalk or expertly measuring out how much water you need each day then upgrading to DigitPond is well worth it. You can also choose “Fill Water to Level” if you want your pond to automatically top up to the maximum level. You may also change your max water level for more design flexibility.

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Accessorize it

After you’ve finished your basic pond, you may now add decorations like plants and wildlife. “Outdoor Water Decor” is a new area next to the terrain tools in Build/Buy Mode, where you can modify the water type, add plants, rocks, and logs, and even apply “Pond Effects.”

These are tiny tiles that let you generate birds or swans, or various insects by putting them on your pond. They certainly give your lake some personality. However, keep in mind that the “Country Fish” option within Pond Effects is purely aesthetic; if you want to put catchable (and edible) fish into your ponds, continue reading.

How to add fish to ponds in The Sims 4

From the “Outdoor Water Decor” section of the “Pond Objects,” you may add a “Fishing Allowed Sign.” Your sims will be able to catch fish, as well as see which species are available in each pond, if you select the sign in Live Mode.

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