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Harmony Montgomery body has not been located since she vanished in 2019. She was beaten by her father Adam Montgomery and became incontinent in his car. Her remains have never been found. Her father, Adam Montgomery, 34, found guilty of five charges including second-degree assault, second-degree murder, witness tampering, falsifying evidence and abuse of corpse.

After the attack, Adam allegedly “pulled into that parking lot at Burger King and ordered his food,” prosecutor Christopher Knowles said during opening statements.

“He ordered his food and he ate. He didn’t stop to check on Harmony. He didn’t look back at her. He didn’t show any concern for this innocent little girl, the child he had just beaten. He ordered his food, and he ate. And he didn’t stop.”

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Harmony Montgomery Age

Harmony Montgomery was 05 years old, at the time of her death in 2019. She was brutally beaten to death by her own father, Adam Montgomery. She was not not even close to her mother, Crystal Sorey, as she is a drug addict. As of February 2024, Adam Montgomery, 33, and in jail awaiting trial.

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He has a bunch of neck tattoos, including one of a joker and what looks like a teardrop tattoo on his cheek which is usually to remember someone who died.

What Was Happened With Harmony Montgomery?

Adam Montgomery carried Harmony’s body around Manchester, New Hampshire in the months following her passing. It was wrapped in trash bags and carried in a red Under Armour duffel bag.

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The authorities say he hid Harmony’s body in different places, first in a vent in a cooler and then in his office freezer. They also mention that he tried to conceal the smell from neighbors by moving her body to a cupboard.

The authorities believe that he used a U-Haul to take her away and dispose of her remains at a secret location in March 2020.

Harmony Montgomery’s biological mother
Crystal Sorey

Harmony’s biological mother, Crystal Sorey, didn’t report her missing until November 2021 because she was struggling with drug addiction and lost contact with her daughter. She last saw Harmony during a FaceTime call on Easter 2019. A year later, Adam was arrested in connection with Harmony’s disappearance.


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