Who Is Criminal Gonzalo Lopez: An Escaped Murderer


Gonzalo Lopez was connected to the murders of one adult and four children while on the run, according to authorities. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that an escaped murderer believed to be linked to five deaths this week in Centerville, Texas, had been found and killed.

Two people were murdered in the same area where Gonzalo Lopez, a convicted murderer who recently escaped from prison, was tracked down and killed during a three-week search. Officials announced that he was shot dead in a shootout with cops. At the request of a family member, authorities conducted a welfare check at the house and discovered the bodies of one adult and four children. Lopez may have stolen a 1999 white Chevrolet Silverado from the premises before the firefight. Who Is Criminal Gonzalo Lopez: An Escaped Murderer.

Criminal Gonzalo Lopez: An Escaped Murderer

On May 12, Luis Lopez, who was linked to the Mexican mafia and escaped custody while being transferred in a bus for high-risk prisoners in a rural area near Centerville, Iowa. Lopez was wanted for allegedly cutting through a metal cage and stabbing a police officer in the driver’s seat, taking control of a bus before it crashed after being shot out by a second guard.

Lopez was last seen running into the woods off Highway 7, according to authorities, who said he was armed and one of Texas’ 10 most- WANTED criminals. More than 150 law enforcement officials on foot and horseback have been deployed in the search, which is being called the biggest concentrated manhunt in decades. Harry Edward Lopez was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of two individuals and the aggravated assault of another.

In 1996, he was convicted on two counts of aggravated assault and received two eight-year sentences. He was found guilty of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping in 2006 and sentenced to life imprisonment. After being convicted for attempted capital murder in 2007, Lopez received a second life sentence.

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Gonzalo Lopez Murders

The Marshals Service has designated Gonzalo Lopez a “major case,” and it is putting up to $10,000 toward his capture. We really hope this money acts as an incentive for someone who knows something to do the right thing and contact us. The sooner we can get him back in jail, the better.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety was giving $35,000, and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was giving $5,000. In addition to $10,000 from the U.S. Marshals Service, the Texas Department of Public Safety was promising $35,000, and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was offering $5,000.

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