Giulia Maroni’s Partner: Who she was dating?

Giulia Maroni was an Italian rally champion who won the extreme all-female ‘Shemud’ race among the forests of Malaysia back, in 2016. She had tragically lost her life in an incident where she fell from a height of 164 ft. This unfortunate event marks the end of a remarkable career in the world of rally racing. Her death has left the racing fellow members and her fans mourning the loss of a talented and fearless competitor.

Giulia Maroni’s partner: Simona Panzacchi

Giulia Maroni was in relationship with partner Simona Panzacchi. Couple were avid hikers who enjoyed exploring various destinations together.

They shared their adventures by posting pictures of themselves in places like Sicily, Montenegro, Croatia, the Canary Islands and Columbia. From sun-soaked walks to snowy challenges, Maroni and her partner used to enjoyed the thrill of hiking.

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How did she died?

Giulia Maroni, 37, was said to be out walking her dog with her partner, on 28 January 2024 which is confirmed by Chloe O’Carroll. She passed away from her wounds after being airlifted to the Maggiore hospital in Bologna.

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She reportedly lost her balance while trekking her pet dog Mount Libro Aperto in the Pizzo dei Sassi Bianchi. After contacting the emergency services, Maroni’s spouse was turn out to the hospital. On January 09, 2023, she wrote via her Instagram,

“It’s time for first considerations… today the rest stage gives me time to get back into social mode, however little I am actually… we are halfway there… Many say it’s a particularly tough edition of Dakar, but I wasn’t expecting anything different and therefore I wasn’t surprised. It’s a race that tries to wear you out physically and mentally, but also teaches you so much.

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Iwas and I am ready for what awaits me, from tomorrow the game starts to get difficult, let’s meet in the real desert… because I suspect this so far was just a taste. Between bad luck and bad luck we are here in Riyadh after a couple of coatings, one of which is definitely not nice. @hrttechnology_ mechanics are working miracles to get us going again tomorrow morning in the best conditions…. and about everything else… This is Dakar!”

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