Who Is Gary Goldstein, Brooke Goldstein’s Ex-Husband?

Brooke Goldstein is a human rights attorney from Canada. She is the director and founder of The Children’s Rights Institute, and she also has awards for her work in writing, news analysis, and filmmaking. In 2016, she received the Irene Hizme Tikkun Olam Award. In 2007, she won the Nathaniel Gates Award. Goldstein has been a human rights activist for many years and is frequently seen on Fox News. He started presenting his show Outspoken in June 2018 on the Jewish Broadcasting Service. Who Is Gary Goldstein, Brooke Goldstein’s Ex-Husband?

Meet Brooke Goldstein’s Ex-Husband: Gary Goldstein

Thenewyorktimes reports that even after their divorce in 1990, Ms. Brooke’s husband Gary Goldstein and Ms. Lazaro kept their business partnership alive because they get along well and have two daughters together. Ms. Lazaro is vice chairman while he serves as the Whitney Group’s chief executive–a Wall Street hiring and search agency. Mr Goldstein said: “We have been business partners for 18 years and best friends for 20 years We’ve never let our personal relationship affect our commercial relationship.”


Brooke’s family claims that initially, they were suspicious of her close relationship with Ms. Lazaro. “They regarded the entire event with suspicion.” “Then I informed them: “This isn’t 1950,” which I said. People are more laid-back these days, in my opinion. We can’t just think about ourselves; we must consider the children as well.

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Brooke Goldstein Children

Brooke Goldstein has one son with Gary Goldstein from their previous marriage. Their eldest daughter is Jessica Goldstein. She also shares two stepdaughters with her current husband, Mr. Lazaro, and his other wife. All of them previously resided together before getting divorced, according to The New York Times. Ms. Lazaro, her two daughters with Mr. Goldstein, Mr. Goldstein, Ms. Brooke, andMs. Brooke’s son with Mr. Goldstein were all in attendance at the table on Thanksgiving, according to the new york times According to reports, after she discovered that he had an affair while they were separated during their divorce proceedings this week

Brooke Goldstein Net Worth Explored

Brooke Goldstein is a wealthy woman. She has an estimated net worth of more than $10 million. This comes from her career as a civil rights attorney, news analyst, author, and filmmaker. A civil rights lawyer typically earns between $11,754 to $311,970 annually. Brooke Goldstein’s skills in other sectors have helped her achieve this wealth.

Hussam Abdo’s story was told and filmed by Goldstein. Palestinian campaigners, according to Goldstein, violate the rights of Palestinian kids by urging suicide bombings. “The intentional slaughter of innocent children,” according to Goldstein, describes the use of youngsters as suicide bombers. This movie, based on real life, was a success.

Goldstein is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the 2009 Inspire! Award, the 2007 E. Nathaniel Gates Award for Outstanding Public Advocacy from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and the 2016 Irene Hizme Tikkun Olam Award from The Blue Card. He is also a Council on Foreign Relations term member.

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