Floyd Richard Bullock (Tina Turner’s Father) Wiki, Wife and Daughters

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Floyd Richard Bullock was the father of Tina Turner, was an American-born and naturalized Swiss singer. He worked as an overseer of the sharecroppers at Poindexter Farm on Highway 180. Later, he recalled picking cotton with his family and his daughter Tina also used to participate in the PBS series African American Lives 2 with Henry Louis Gates Jr. at an early age. He shared her genealogical DNA test estimates and traced her family timeline.

Floyd Richard Bullock Biography

Floyd Richard Bullock got famous as father of popular rock singer, Tina Turner, who was considered the Queen of Rock and Roll. In 1971, she released the single “Proud Mary” and has received 12 Grammy Awards, collaborating with many other popular artists.

He used to resides in Brownsville, Tennessee, with his daughters and his wife Zelma Priscilla (née Currie). Couple in total had three daughter. Their other daughter names are, Evelyn Juanita Currie and Ruby Alline Bullock, a songwriter.

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His daughters were separated when Floyd and his wife relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee, to work at a defense facility during World War II. Her daughter, Ruby Alline Bullock went to stay with her strict, religious paternal grandparents, Alex and Roxanna Bullock, who were deacon and deaconess at the Woodlawn Missionary Baptist Church.

When the sisters reunited with their parents after the war, they moved with them to Knoxville. The family returned to Nutbush two years later to live in Flagg Grove, where Bullock attended Flagg Grove Elementary School.

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As a young girl, Bullock sang in the church choir at Nutbush’s Spring Hill Baptist Church. When she was 11, her mother Zelma ran off without warning, seeking freedom from her abusive relationship with Floyd by relocating to St. Louis in 1950. Two years after her mother left the family.

Then on, Floyd Richard Bullock married another woman and moved to Detroit in 1952. Bullock and her sisters were sent to live with their maternal grandmother, Georgeanna Currie, in Brownsville, Tennessee.

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Her daughter, Tina Turner stated in her autobiography I, Tina that her parents had not loved her and she wasn’t wanted. Zelma had planned to leave Floyd but stayed once she became pregnant. “She was a very young woman who didn’t want another kid,” Turner recalled.

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Floyd Richard Bullock Family

Floyd Richard Bullock’s eldest daughter, Tina as a teenager worked as a domestic worker for the Henderson family. She was at the Henderson house when she was notified that her half-sister Evelyn had died in a car crash alongside her cousins Margaret and Vela Evans.


Bullock was a self-professed tomboy when she joined Carver High School in Brownsville’s cheerleading squad and female basketball team. Bullock moved to St. Louis with her mother when she was 16, after her grandmother died. In 1958, she graduated from Sumner High School. Bullock worked as a nurse’s aide at Barnes-Jewish Hospital after graduation. On, May 24, 2023, she died naturally after a long illness in her home in Küsnacht near Zurich, Switzerland, at the age of 83, per BBC. She had suffered a number of health issues in recent years including cancer, a stroke and kidney failure.

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