How many children did Flow La Movie have? Producer and family die in crash

On 15 December 2021, Flow La Movie, a musician and film producer, and his family perished in a plane accident, leaving fans to wonder about his private life and whether he had children. Flow La Movie, a Puerto Rican music producer, has perished after his private jet crashed and burst into flames while attempting an emergency landing at the Las Américas International airport in the Dominican Republic.

According to reports, a Gulfstream IV aircraft departed La Isabela International Airport in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, 15 December and is destined for Miami, Florida. However, it had trouble 15 minutes after taking off. Nine people were on board: seven passengers and three crew.

On Tuesday, American authorities announced the identities of three passengers aboard the ill-fated flight: Hernández, who goes by the stage name SGM ( José Ángel Hernández), and his family. Three other people on board have also been identified: Keilyan Hernandez Pena, 21; Yeilianys Jeishlimar Meléndez Jiménez, 18; and Jesiel Yabdiel Silva , 13. It is unclear whether they are relatives of Flow La Movie.

How many kids did Flow La Movie have?

Flow La Movie had one son, who was also tragically killed in the accident.

Jayden was four years old and was born on 30 July 2017.

The couple rarely gives insights into their family life, except on special occasions such as birthdays and Father’s Day.

Who is Flow La Movie’s partner?

Debbie Marie Jimenez Garcia is the mother of his kid and a long-time collaborator of ‘The Flight Captain’s’ ‘Flight La Movie.’ She was born on November 8, 1990, so she was 31 years old when she died in the plane accident.

While her partner, Te Boté songwriter Eddy Moreno, is a reggaeton genius, Garcia has an Instagram following of 257k and works as an entrepreneur. She frequently takes photos and promotes her clothing line Stilo By Debbie. When she wasn’t working on her label, the 31-year-old liked to share moments from her travels to tropical destinations.

While they did not get married, the pair marked their seventh anniversary on October 2nd, 2021.

Music industry mourns

After the death of Flow La Movie was announced, tributes from all across the Latin music industry began to arrive.

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In 2018, Hernández’s production breakthrough came with Te Boté for Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. The song stayed at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Song chart for 14 weeks starting in May.

The 38-year-old launched his own record label, which signed artists such as Xound, Nio Gardia, and Casper Magico. AM for Garcia is one of the tracks he produced there. J Balvin, Guaynaa, and Don Omar have all chimed in on the hashtag.J Balvin, Guaynaa, and Don Omar are among other musicians who have used social media to express their thoughts.

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