Ella Tubridy (Ryan Tubridy’s Daughter) Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Early Life

Ella Tubridy is the daughter of Ryan Tubridy who is an Irish broadcaster. In multiple interviews that have been posted online, her father has made reference to her. Ryan revealed in an emotional interview with the Sunday Times that he became emotional due to the support of his daughters.

“When I signed the contract last week, I got in the back of a taxi and I got two messages from my daughters and I just started to cry. You know, it just sums it all up. I realised that what I was doing all this for was for them and for my family. I wanted them to know that there were these awful things that happened but that I came to this new land for a new opportunity with people who have been so respectful and so welcoming and so warm and so appreciative.

We care about you, you are a great broadcaster and you are ready to do this. We trust you, we admire you, we want you.’ And, I don’t know, it’s like a different language. I got very excited but I was worried. I was so worried about it because I was so scarred from previous experiences.”

How Old Is Ella Tubridy?

Ella Tubridy age is 24 years old, as of 2024. She was born on January 31, 1999 in Ireland. She holds Irish nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

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Ella Tubridy’s Father

Ella Tubridy’s father, Ryan Tubridy is known as the highest-paid person at RTÉ over several years. Tubridy was MC and guest of honour for the launch of the Irish Film Archive Preservation Fund at the Irish Film Institute, on 2 November 2011.

Tubridy has promoted adult programmes, including a breast cancer initiative launched in May 2009, as well as to his interest in children. Tubridy opened Galway’s Hand in Hand support centre for cancer parents in February 2015, combining his longtime interests in children and cancer.

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How Tall Is Ella Tubridy?

Ella Tubridy’s height is 5’5” (1.65 m). Her grandparent names are Patrick Tubridy and Catherine Tubridy.

Who Is Ella Tubridy’s Mother, Anne Marie Power?

Anne Marie Power is a RTE producer. Ryan Tubridy met Anne in a recording studio, in 1997. When asked about his first met with Anne, Ryan recalled it vividly and said,

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“She was going in to make a programme, I was going out. My head turned and my life changed. I pursued her relentlessly. She used to sashay down the corridor and I was quite taken by her. She was very erudite and she made documentaries on flamenco. She was much brighter than I am and continues to be, which isn’t that hard really if you dig deep enough, and I asked her out.”

Ella, the couple’s daughter who was born in 2003, the year Tubridy proposed at the Abbeyglen Hotel in Clifden, County Galway, which was “favourite haunt” for him.

The statement “Ella Tubridy is delighted to announce the engagement of her parents Ryan and Anne Marie” appeared in The Irish Times when the couple announced their engagement. During his honeymoon, Tubridy went to Pompeii. In 2006, Tubridy and his wife divorced. Ella Tubridy also has a sister named, Julia.

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