Eiza González Dad: How Did Carlos González Died?

Eiza González is known for working in movies such as From Dusk till Dawn: The Series (2014–2016), Baby Driver (2017) and Bloodshot (2020). She was very close with her dad and in September 2015 she revealed that after losing him she struggled with depression and compulsive overeating.

Carlos González Biography

Carlos González was best known as the dad of Eiza González who gained popularity for starring in the lead role of Clara Molina on the Argentine Nickelodeon teen drama Sueña conmigo (2010–2011).

Carlos died in a motorcycle accident when Eiza was 12; she has cited her father’s death as a strong influence in her career. She has one brother who is 12 years her senior who played a significant role in shaping her perspective on life.

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Growing up, he became not only her sibling but also a father figure, guiding her through the challenging journey of grief and loss. Alejandro’s support and unconditional love provided Eiza with the strength she needed to pursue her dreams and honor her father’s memory.

Carlos González Personal Life

Carlos González was married with former model Glenda Reyna who was born on 7 May 1952 (age 71 years), Caborca, Mexico. She is best known for appearing in TV show ‘Mexico’s Next Top Model’. Carlos had two children with Glenda named, Eiza González and Yulen González Reyna. She holds Mexican nationality.

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Eiza González misses her dad a lot

Eiza González deeply misses her father and feels a strong longing for him. Every day, she wakes up with an ache in her heart, yearning for his presence. Memories of their time together flood her mind, reminding her of the joy and love they shared.

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She finds peace in revisiting old photographs and reading the heartfelt letters he wrote to her, clinging onto the remnants of his existence. The void left by her father’s absence seems impossible to fill leaving her with a bittersweet longing that lingers in her soul.

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