Deadmau5 Girlfriend, Wife, Dating History

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Deadmau5 is a Canadian rapper who is popular for his discography like, Get Scraped (2005), Vexillology (2006), Random Album Title (2008), For Lack of a Better Name (2009), 4×4=12 (2010), Album Title Goes Here (2012), While(1<2) (2014), W:/2016Album/ (2016) and many more. Born on January 5, 1981 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Deadmau5 is 41 years old, as of 2022. He is also known for his unique music production style, which incorporates elements from various genres such as electro house, progressive house, and dubstep. He has collaborated with other popular artists as well. He has also released several studio albums and singles which have received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. Moreover, find out about Deadmau5 Girlfriend, Wife, Dating History.

Deadmau5 New Girlfriend

Deadmau5 is single and currently not dating anyone. He has had a few relationships in the past though, but as of 2022, it seems, he is not up for any relationship.


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Deadmau5 Dating History

Deadmau5 In 2012Kat Von D
WifeKelly Fedoni (Divorced)
Girlfriend 2022Single
Real NameJoel Thomas Zimmerman
BornJanuary 5, 1981 (age 41)

Deadmau5 And Kat Von D Dating History

Deadmau5 was romantically linked with singer and songwriter Kat Von D. Duo broke up in November 2012 and they rekindled their relationship shortly afterwards.

Later on, he proposed to Von D via Twitter, and they announced that they would marry in August 2013. Love birds also planned their wedding with an aquatic-themed wedding.


Talking about their closeness, they both have several matching tattoos, including the numbers “289m3d22h” on both of their arms, a sentimental reference to the day when they met, as well as two black stars underneath their eyes.

Von D announced that they had ended their engagement in 2013 while they were living in Los Angeles.

Deadmau5 Wife

Deadmau5 was married with fiancée Kelly Fedoni, on August 12, 2017. Later, couple had separated and would divorce, but stated that their relationship had ended amicably. They announced their separation it on Instagram.


Deadmau5 Trivia

  • Deadmau5 is very active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • He often posts about his music production process, upcoming releases, tour dates, and more.
  • He also posts regularly about his pet cat Professor Meowingtons, who often makes appearances in the producer’s music videos.
  • In addition to making music and performing live shows, Deadmau5 is also an avid gamer.
  • He has a Twitch channel where he streams his gaming sessions and recently released his own custom line of gaming headsets.
  • He purchased a $5 million home in the Campbellville area of Milton, Ontario, in 2014.

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