David Minchin (Louise Minchin Husband) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Wife, Net Worth, Facts

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David Minchin (Louise Minchin Husband) Wiki: Daniel Minchin, a restauranteur and venture capitalist, is the founder of Helium One Ltd. He is recognized for being the husband of BBC Breakfast News presenter Louise Minchin, who served 20 years on television. David Minchin (Louise Minchin Husband) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Wife, Net Worth, Facts.

David Minchin: Louise Minchin Husband

David Minchin is the spouse of British journalist and writer Louise Minchin. She announced her retirement from BBC Breakfast on the show’s final edition.

David Minchin Wiki, Biography

David Minchin was born in England, United Kingdom. His date of birth has not yet been specified. David Minchin is his complete name. He finished his master’s degree in Geology at Southampton University in 2004 after studying for two years. In this blog, you’ll discover all there is to know about David Minchin (Louise Minchin Husband) Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, Ethnicity, Net Worth & More.

David Minchin Age, Biography: David Minchin is believed to be 55 years old. His zodiac sign has not yet been revealed. David is a Christian. He was born in England. David Minchin is a geologist by profession. He has also ventured into restaurant business and is the founder of Helium One Ltd.

David Minchin Wife, BBC Breakfast News

David Minchin married Louise Minchin in 2002 after dating her for a while. The couple has three children together. David and Louise met during their university days at Southampton University where they both studied Geology.

For over two decades, Louise worked as a journalist and presenter with the BBC, most notably on BBC Breakfast News show. She announced her retirement from the show on its final edition aired in March 2019.

David Minchin Net Worth

David Minchin’s net worth is not yet known. However, he is believed to be doing well financially. This is because he is the founder of Helium One Ltd, a company that deals with restaurant business. He has additionally ventured into other businesses such as property development.

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David Minchin Parents, Family

The names of David Minchin’s parents are not yet in. The internet does not have any information on David’s family.

David Minchin Ethnicity & Nationality

David Minchin’s ethnicity is White. His nationality is British.

David Minchin Wife

David Minchin is married and has a wife named Louise Minchin. She has worked as a BBC Breakfast presenter for 20 years and previously served as a journalist. On June 6, 1998, in a tiny Hampshire church, David married Louise Minchin. Scarlett and Mia are David’s children. Both of his daughters are named after flowers.

David Minchin Height and Weight

David Minchin’s height and weight are not updated yet.

David Minchin Career

Mr. Minchin began his career as an exploration geologist for Rio Tinto from July 2004 to June 2005. He next worked as a minerals geologist for the British Geological Survey from June 2005 to November 2006.

Minchin worked as a senior geologist for Cleveland Potash from November 2006 until February 2013. From March 2013 to September 2018, he was a director of Geology at African Minerals Exploration & Development in London, United Kingdom.

From September 2018 to November 2020, David was ScandiVanadium’s CEO in Skane County, Sweden. He has since served as Helium One Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer.

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David Minchin Net Worth

Mr. David Minchin’s net worth is about $ 7 million.

David Minchin Geology

David Minchin is a British geologist. He completed his master’s degree in Geology from Southampton University in 2004. David has worked in the exploration, mining, and minerals industry for over 15 years. He has experience in various countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Africa.

In March 2019, David announced his retirement from BBC Breakfast on its final edition aired. This was after working with the network for over 20 years. During his time with BBC Breakfast, Louise also retired from her longtime presenting job at the show.

David Minchin Summary

David Minchin is a 55-year-old British geologist who met his wife Louise Minchin during their university days. The two have worked together for over 20 years with BBC, most notably on the Breakfast News show. They have three children together and reside in the United Kingdom. David’s net worth is not yet known, but he is doing well financially due to his ventures into the restaurant business.

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