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Darryl Baum was a brutal murderer who was Mike Tyson’s bodyguard. He was the one who shot famous singer and rapper 50 Cent, in 2000. Darryl wanted to be a businessman. He turned to fighting and associated with a bad crowd, which led him to becoming a killer. Although some people think the reports of his actions are false accusations. Know more about Darryl Baum Bio, Murder Mystery, Cause Of Death, Wiki.

Darryl Baum Murder Mystery

Darryl Baum was also murdered after the three weeks. Few days later, he was shot dead as well. The death cause of Darryl Baum is still remains a mystery. He He was born in Brooklyn in the 1980s and though he worked as a bodyguard. Moreover, Darryl Hommo Baum was shot dead on June 10, 2010.


The murder of Baum was linked to the men who made up ‘Cash Money Brothers.’ These men were: Damion ‘World’ Hardy (the ex-fiancé of American female rapper Lil Kim), Dwayne Meyers, and Abubakr Raheem Cooke. They were charged with the murder of Baum because he had an association with a rival drug gang member known as Ivory Davis. It was reported that Ivory’s nephew shot at and killed Hardy’s brother named Myron.

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Darryl Baum And Mike Tyson’s Friendship

Mike Tyson and Hommo met when they were young in Brooklyn. Mike promised Hommo a job when he was released from prison after his 1990s bid, and when Hommo was released in 1999, Tyson made him his security. Unfortunately, not long after, Hommo got caught in a web of street shit, and ended up getting killed. Mike was broken, dedicating fight against Lou Savarese in June 2000 to Hommo, on camera, before going on a powerful rant.

Darryl Baum and Mike Tyson were friends for over 30 years, even after Tyson’s conviction. The two met in the early 1980s. They remained friends until Baum’s murder. Tyson spoke about their friendship in an interview.

Darryl Baum And 50 Cent Murder Link

On May 24, 2000, outside his grandmother’s home in Queens, 50 Cent was shot by a gunman with a 9mm handgun and was hit in his hands, legs, hips, arms, chest, and left cheek. He spent 13 days at the hospital before returning to work for five months afterward to fully recuperate.

50 Cent identified his attacker as Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum in multiple interviews, including on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio program on Apple’s Beats 1 station.

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