How Was Daphne Dorfman Died: Was She Trans?

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Daphne Dorfman was a transgender comedian who previously worked in television and theater as an actress for twelve years, ended her own life. This was officially announced by The Office of Transgender Initiatives located in San Francisco, California. “We are sorry to learn about the loss of Daphne Dorman today, who was a valued community member,” they tweeted.

Daphne created a Facebook post before she committed suicide, saying, “how do you say goodbye and I am sorry,” asking for forgiveness from the people supporting her. Dorfman also cleared that she loves her daughter, and she was not the reason behind her suicide. How Was Daphne Dorfman Died: Was She Trans?

Is Daphne Dorfman Trans?

Daphne Dorfman was a transgender comedian, actress, and advocate for trans rights. Daphne also worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Vineti, LLC. She created her own web development agency, which she used to pass along knowledge to members of the San Francisco LGBT Center. She also taught a series of classes to train transgender people in technology-based skills.

Daphne DorfmanHighlights
professiontransgender comedian
Daphne death reasonby suicide, in 2019
worked asSenior Software Engineer Vineti, LLC
father namenot known
mother namenot known

Dave Chappelle And Daphne Dorfman Relationship

Danphe Dorfman and Dave Chappelle met on a stand-up comedy act in San Francisco. He referred to their relationship in his 2019 Netflix special Sticks & Stones, when she stood up for him after his remarks were deemed transphobic. Dave is a highly successful stand-up comedian, though he often courts controversy with his views on feminism, gender, sexual orientation and race, which make some members of his audience uncomfortable.

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Dave Chappelle, 48, courted controversy when he made homophobic comments on stage at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival. But his sixth Netflix stand-up special didn’t go down well with critics either. However, the Dorfman sister came to his defense saying that he was an LGBTQ ally and someone who meant the world to her.

Meet Daphne Dorfman On Instagram

Danphe Dorfman committed suicide in 2019 and her Instagram account is no longer available. Comedian Dave Chappelle has an Instagram account with 2.1 million followers. He has only posted 21 times, but he is still active on the account.

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