How Are Danielle Redlick And Michael Redlick Related?

Danielle Redlick sobbed as the jury found her not guilty of murdering her university boss, Michael Redlick. In 2019, a woman in Florida was acquitted of murdering her stepfather-turned-husband at their home. On Friday, a jury found her not guilty of murdering her husband, university director Michael Redlick, 65. She shed tears as the court determined that she was not responsible for the death of Mr Redlick. Ms Redlick explained to the jurors on Monday that she stabbed her husband in self-defense as he attempted to “smother her to death” on January 11th, 2019. How Are Danielle Redlick And Michael Redlick Related?

Danielle Redlick Was Found Not Guilty

Danielle Redlick was found not guilty of second-degree murder on Friday in the stabbing death of her stepdad-turned-husband, Michael Redlick, in Orlando, Florida. On Thursday, the jury began deliberations and on Friday acquitted Danielle of second-degree murder. According to Orange County records, however, the jury also convicted her of tampering with evidence.

Danielle, who is 48 years old, and Michael, who was 65 at the time of his death, have two children together. They were married for 15 years before Danielle allegedly killed Michael, an ex-NBA executive, with a knife in their Winter Park home on Jan. 11, 2019 after a quarrel. After the decision was announced, Redlick appeared to sob as she was seen crying live on television from Law & Crime Channel’s live stream of the proceeding.

Michael Redlick Mother: Joanna Brown

Michael’s mother, Joanna Brown, supported Danielle in court. She said she believes her daughter stabbed her husband in self-defense and that the state’s case is based on lies. “I would’ve lost my mind,” Brown added. “It was terrifying.” After a hearing of only 15 minutes, the judge instructed the jury to find Danielle not guilty because he found reasonable doubt due to inconsistencies with Wiggins’ version of events.

“The evidence will show that, from the start, this defendant did everything she could to avoid responsibility for her actions,” Wiggins said in his opening statement, alleging that Danielle had tried to clean the scene sometime in the 11 hours that passed between Michael’s stabbing death and Danielle’s first 911 call to “avoid responsibility.”

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Danielle Redlick Crime Explored

The detective said that after arriving at the scene, he and his partner spoke with witnesses. He went on to describe what responding officers observed there, including “blood-soaked towels, mops soaked in blood, a five-gallon bucket filled with pinkish water,” as well as “blood in the primary bedroom shower” that contained Michael’s DNA.

According to a 2019 police search warrant, when Danielle called 911, she said there had been “a calamity” at her home and that she thought her husband was “Dead.”

“He’s been…I just…he’s stiff and he might have had a heart attack. I don’t know,” Danielle told 911 operators, the warrant states. A medical examiner found no signs that Michael suffered a heart attack that evening. She then told authorities that Michael “stabbed himself,” and later said she stabbed him in an act of self-defense while they fought in the kitchen.

Wiggins went on to say that the civil case was not Danielle’s first. According to Conlon, this marriage was “tough.” He also stated that Michael was the aggressor in their relationship. According to a police report, in the week before her death, Conlon claimed that after their breakup in November 2016, he had become “obsessed” with Michael.

According to Conlon, he was the first to cheat on Danielle; she left him and threatened to take their children and home; and when she began talking to other men later that month, Michael became enraged. On the night of his murder, the pair had an altercation during which they claims Michael throttled and suffocated Danielle while she feared for her life.

According to Conlon, Michael had Danielle pinned to the ground at one point during the scuffle, at which time she pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed him once in the shoulder. According to Conlon, “Danielle Redlick did stab Michael Redlick” once in the shoulder, but he said it was done in self-defense rather than an assault. According to county records, a sentencing hearing is scheduled for August 5.

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