Daisy Lowe Flaunts Bath Selfie: Meet Her New Born Daughter Ivy

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Daisy Lowe stripped naked for a bath selfie with her baby daughter Ivy Image Source - Instagram
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Daisy Lowe recently took to social media to share a daring selfie while taking a bath with her baby Ivy. In the photo, she can be seen fully nude embracing her natural beauty and enjoying a relaxing soak. This sweet moment captures the bond between mother and child, as well as Daisy’s confidence in her own skin.

The new mom, who is 34 years old, was spotted relaxing in a bath while cradling her newborn daughter against her chest. Daisy’s joy was visible as she confidently revealed her natural beauty while relaxing in the bathtub during a memorable trip to London.

Daisy Lowe In Black Suit With Trendy Handbag

Accompanied by her newborn baby and soon-to-be husband, Jordan Saul, Daisy enjoyed the precious moments of their getaway with contentment and happiness. Daisy wrote on Instagram,

“Family staycation in the heart of Chelsea ♥️ What a beautiful and warm hotel- thank you for making our weekend so special. The comfiest bed to rest my very tired eyes & the most luxurious bath for Ivy & i to splash around in. We love love love you @BelmondCadogan @TheLaleeChelsea ♥️”

Daisy took to social media to share the joyous announcement that she and her fiancé Jordan had become parents, as they welcomed their newborn daughter Ivy.

In a heartwarming photo, Daisy can be seen glowing with happiness alongside Jordan holding their precious bundle of joy. The couple’s excitement is palpable as they share this special moment.

Beautiful Daisy In Green Dress

In October 2022, Daisy and Jordan announced her pregnancy after announcing their engagement in September.

She wrote on her Instagram,

“I wanted to share some news with you. Jordan and I are having a baby. We are absolutely bursting at the seams with happiness. I’m oscillating wildly between excitement & nervousness with a dash of morning sickness thrown in for good measure! Big love to all of you.”

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When it comes to her past dating, she was in relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles and rapper Tinie Tempah.


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