Cristi Dozier Building Roots HGTV: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Facts

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Ben and Cristi Dozier star in the TV series Building Roots. Her spouse is Ben Dozier. Are there any children in the family? Discover more about the Doziers’ age, Wikipedia page, bio, and Instagram account. Ben and Cristi Dozier star in the series Building Roots, which is a delightful couple.

On HGTV, the program will premiere. In the series, Ben and Cristi work with their family to restore houses while enjoying an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. The series is set in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

The pair moves their family, company, and HGTV program with them while they create the house. On April 10, 2022, Building Roots will premiere on HGTV. Get to know more about the people behind the Building Roots show and its creators. Cristi Dozier Building Roots HGTV: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Facts.

Cristi Dozier From Building Roots HGTV

Building Roots is a reality show on HGTV about Cristi and Ben Dozier. Austin, Texas, native Cristi Dozier was born and reared. They both have a passion for house design and construction since they first got married.

In 2004, they began Root Design Company as a landscaping business before turning it into a home renovation firm the following year. The name “root” was chosen as a metaphor for where things develop because of the term’s significance in botany. The couple owns Gossamer House Coffee + Shop, a coffee and cocktail shop in Pagosa Springs.

Cristi Dozier Bio, Age & Wiki

Ben and Cristi married on March 19, 2000. Both are natives and descendants of Austin, Texas. The couple moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with their four children recently.

They reside in a 100-year-old Victorian home on the shore of Lake Pagosa. The exact birthdays of the Doziers are unknown. They seem to be in their late 40s or early 50s based on their appearance.

The pair runs a number of Instagram profiles. Rootdesignco is their business and design page. Crisitdozier is Cristie’s Instagram handle, while Bendozier is Ben Dozier’s. The active family spends their leisure time together doing a variety of tasks. They fish, ski, or have a bonfire when the weather permits.


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Does She Have Kids With Husband Ben Dozier?

Cristie has been married to her spouse Ben for 22 years. The family includes four children, the eldest of whom is Adelyne Dozier. Her three younger brothers are Gunnison, Creede, and South.

The entire family gets along swimmingly and thrives together as a six-person unit. Cristie Brown, sister of Amy, is a well-known radio personality. She is the co-host of iHeartMedia’s The Bobby Bones Show, which has won a number of accolades. Her Instagram radioamy has a following of over 636K individuals.

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