Connor Stanhope Ethnicity, Birthday & Gf: Plays Nathan Walter In ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’

Connor Stanhope is known for playing the role of Nathan Walter who is Jackie’s adoptive brother in the ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’.Jackie Howard played by Nikki Rodriguez who is a fifteen-year-old who is forced to move to Silver Falls, Colorado after losing her entire family to a car accident in New York City, New York. Scroll the article below and find more about Connor Stanhope Ethnicity, Birthday & Gf: Plays Nathan Walter In ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’.

Connor Stanhope Biography

Connor Stanhope also appears in movie such as The Last of Us (2023) and Garage Sale Mysteries (2013). He was born on March 10, 1998 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As of 2023, he is 25 years old.


He has blonde hair and stands 6′ (1.83 m), as per IMDb. He dyed his hair tinted red for his season seven Smallville role as Alexander (Young Lex Luthor). He was asked to shave his head when he returned to the show in Season 8. For the last episode of Smallville’s last season, “Harvest,” in October 2010, Connor made a farewell appearance.

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What Is The Ethnicity Of Connor Stanhope?

Connor Stanhope belongs to White ethnicity. He has 13K followers on his ‘connor_stanhope‘ Instagram account, as of 2023. His bio on Instagram read as, ‘This whole bio thing is confusing @eyeseerc’.

Connor Stanhope In ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’

‘My Life with the Walter Boys’ is a gripping story that follows Jackie Howard, a 15-year-old girl who experiences a terrible loss when her family is tragically killed. She is forced to leave behind her privileged life in Manhattan and move to rural Colorado to live with the lively Walter family.

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In this new environment, Jackie finds herself caught in a complicated love triangle between two brothers, Cole and Alex. When it came to casting the trio of actors for these pivotal roles, series creator Melanie Halsall prioritized finding fresh faces and maintaining their chemistry as a group.

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About His Character

Cole’s identical twin brother is Danny Walter, yet the two couldn’t be more different. He spends his free time studying actors’ performances in films because he is at heart an actor. He is well-read, kind, and thoughtful. Taiwo encourages viewers to notice that Danny often wears George’s old shirts.

Is Connor Stanhope Dating?

No, Connor Stanhope is not dating as of 2023. He is single and spoken nothing about his love life. He is very popular among his female celebrities.

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